[USS Vanguard] USS Vanguard: Settling In

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Ceelak Nostrova
USS Vanguard - Quarters and engineering

Lt. jg. Ceelak Nostrova looked at her new uniform. It was wonderful. The 
commander had provided her with the current fashion of the ship. She 
looked again in the full-length mirror and sighed.

"They really have no sense of fashion, these Federation people," Ceelak 
said to herself. "This is not at all form-fitting. In some cases it 
would be impossible to tell the sex of a person from the rear or the 
front. They certainly will want to do something about this."

She made a note in her diary which contained all the information she 
would send home periodically. Her people were very interested in the 
Federation, even things so small as uniforms.

Ceelak, who in general, could be who she wanted to be, was going to be a 
temporal specialist. She thought this was particularly out of her normal 
field, but she would go and report to the first officer with regard to 
duties in engineering. Also, she had a physical to take. This amazed 
her. She wondered what .... she stopped and grinned.

A young, male lieutenant junior grade arrived at sickbay. He had light 
blue sking, deep dark green eyes and and unusual greenish-blond hair 
cropped very short. He had the body of a marine and he stood like one, 
too, as he said, "Excuse me nurse, but I have an appointment with the 
doctor for a physical. Lt. Nostrova, exchange officer."

The nurse looked up. "Yes, Lieutenant," she said. "Dr. Xristha Droin 
will be with you shortly, please take a seat."


Some time later (temporal specialist, after all) Ceelak arrived at 
engineering where she'd been informed she could meet the first officer 
when he got there.

A member of the staff came up to her and inquired as to her presences. 
She smiled. "I do believe I'm to assist with temporal matters."

"Ah, Sir," the ensign said. "Then you'd be our new temporal specialist."

"If you say so," Ceelak replied. "Time marches on."

"Time waits for no man," the ensign answered.

"If it's 10 a.m. here, then what time is it on Mortar IV?" she asked.

"Time for tea," he said. "Care to join me while you wait for the XO?"

Ceelak thought it was indeed time for her to relax. As she sat at a desk 
near the main engineering panel, she took a minute to make a few notes 
for her people. This note said, "Tea break is important to Federation 
people. I wonder if they take surgar and milk, one or the other or 

She put her notes away as the ensign returned with the tea.

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