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Dr. Xristha Droin's office
USS Vanguard

Exchange officer Ceelac Nostrova stuck her head through the doorway of 
Dr. Droin's office and looked at the piles of work she was attempting to 
go through. She noted the cup of tea and really hated to make a 

Unfortunately, Lt. jg. Nostrova had failed to check in for a physical. 
She'd been going to, but she kept getting distracted. There was so much 
to see on the ship, so many different races - she'd been noting and 
recording like crazy. Her people back home would be both amused and 
amazed by what she was finding out.

Now though, she simply had to have the physical before the captain 
noticed she hadn't gotten around to it.

"Doctor?" Ceelac said from the doorway. "There was no one outside. I 
apologize for disturbing you, but somehow I've managed to miss getting a 
physical. I'm Ceelac Nostrova, the new exchange officer, serving as 
temporal specialist. I wonder if I could arrange an appointment?"

The doctor saw an attractive female with light blue skin, deep dark 
green eyes and greenish-looking blond hair. A most unusual speciman and 
she didn't know half of the story.

Ceelac smiled. "I'm for Aloria," she added.

Lt jg. Ceelac Nostrova
Exchange Officer

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