[USS Vanguard] [U.S.S Vanguard] Introductions

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  • Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 01:45:06 -0300

<OFF>: First off, I'd like to say hello to everyone. Some of you I've simmed 
with before, and others are new. From what I've seen lurk-wise, and from the 
archives, this should be interesting ;-) I hope I can get Shar to fit into 
the rag-tag group here. Its been awhile since I've done any simming, so 
forgive me if I'm a little rusty at first. It'll come back to me quickly 
enough I hope. Let me know if I break any unwritten rules of the sim or 
whatnot ;-)


"Lieutenant-Commander." This time she did look up. "Mr Shar will be waiting 
you, at the Sikorsky Flight Centre already. Don't keep him waiting while you 
reprimanded for insubordination."

"Aye, Sir. Sikorsky Flight Centre..."

<Sikorsky Flight Centre, Approx 1/2 an hour after Darkwaters post>

Shar popped one of the aft consoles back in place onboard the Apex, the 
warp-sled he'd been assigned to get him and the Vanguard's A&A back onboard. 
Well, the A&A back, him so he could report for duty.  'This'll be one for 
the ol' personal log, eh?' he thought as he climbed back into the cramped 
pilots seat and began running another diagnostic.

The first one he'd run had shown an imbalance in the port Intertial Damper 
system. Not enough to complain to the Center's crews about, but as he had 
nothing better to do during his wait for the other crewmember, he figured 
he'd fix it to pass the time. It hadn't taken long, and he welcomed the 
distraction. Not that he'd admit it to anyone, but he was slightly nervous 
about his first posting being aboard the Vanguard, and in the capacity of 
her intelligence officer to boot.

"Lieutenant Shar, I hope?" Said a voice from behind him. Jumping slightly, 
Shar turned quickly and came to attention. Commander Darkwater was just 
ducking his head through the entrance to the sled.

"Aye, sir. Lieutenant Junior Grade Shar. I presume you would be Lieutenant 
Commander Darkwater from the Vanguard?"

Darkwater smiled slightly. There was a nervous smile in response from Shar. 
"As you were, Lieutenant. No need to break any vertebrae on my account. Are 
we prepped for launch?" Darkwater climbed into the sled. Shar relaxed and 
slid back into his seat. "Aye, just finishing a last diagnostic, and then 
we're good to go sir."

"Excellent," Darkwater said as he slid into the other seat, "I can't wait to 
hear the stories back onboard about what happened,"

Shar and Darkwater quickly finished up the pre-flight checks and got 
clearance to leave earth's atmosphere.

"We'll be clear of the inner system in 12 minutes," Shar announced as he 
enaged the impuse engines.

<Tag Darkwater>

(Angus Morrison) Lieutenant J.G. Shar
Intelligence Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
U.S.S. Vanguard

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