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Location: The Grand Canyon
Arizona, Earth
LT jg Ceelac Nostgrova

"Aaaaaahhhhh," yelled Ceelac as she bounced once more down the trail into
the Grand Canyon. "Why do we ride on this horribly rough animals?"

The guide chewed on his tobacco, apparently not outlawed in the national
park, and continued on his way. "I told yer, Miss, this is the only way down
into the canyon."

"Transporters?" she asked, as she shifted to find a more comfortable place
for her behind.

"The mules is the only way," the guide replied. "We don't hold for those new
fangled contraptions."

Ceelak rolled her eyes and endured. The scenery was breath-taking,
especially when her mule almost stepped off the edge. The weather as
promised was balmy - it was 110 degrees and Ceelak hated to sweat.

The mules came to a halt at the bottom, stopping under a tree. Ceelak
climbed off. She tossed her long hair over her shoulder and glared at the

"Thar you be, Miss," he said. "Jest like I promised. You're here. Jest look
around and you can ride back up on two hours."

"And what's that?" Ceelak asked pointing toward a transport that was
disembarking its passengers who looked rested and cool.

"That's the competition, Miss," he said. "Didn't think you'd be interested
you wanting to get to know the Earth better and all."

Ceelak looked around and saw no one watching. She took two steps closer to
the guide, changed into her male form and hit him squarely on the jaw
knocking him off the mule in a cloud of dust.

"Indeed," Ceelak said. He walked away, content.

Two hours later, Ceelak was sitting on a rock surrounded by six teenage
female Earth tourists who were sharing their lunches with him. They were on
a college trip. So far they'd told him all kinds of stories about college
life and their travels. They'd gone swimming in a somewhat warm spring, had
toured an Indian village and had bought souveniers.

"You are going to the dance tonight at the lodge, aren't you?" they asked.

Ceelak looked up and caught the eye of their teacher, Virginia Treacher. "I
wouldn't miss it for the world," he said.

With a grin, Ceelak and Virginia watched as the girls headed toward the
transport. Ceelak offered her his arm. The girls giggled and Miss Treacher
smiled shyly. Things were looking up at the Grand Canyon.

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> Capt. Dominic Santos
> Hong Kong/Old England
> After Mr Kavan's Post
> RPG:
> Capt. Dominic Santos stepped out of the refresher and called out to his
> "Petra?"
> "Sssh!" said the nurse standing by his father's bed.
> "Oh, I'm sorry," Santos said, lowering his voice. "I was looking for my
> "She left a few minutes ago. I passed her in the hallway."
> Santos frowned.
> "She was with another man," the nurse said, noticing Santos's confusion.
"I think she was going for a cup of coffee."
> "Right. Thanks."
> Santos entered the cafeteria and spotted his sister sitting at the table
he had begun to think of as "theirs" by the window.
> He came up behind his sister as she was finishing some anecdote that had
made the other man laugh.
> She stopped short as she looked at Kavan, who had noticed Capt. Santos.
> "Nick!" Petra said, standing up. "This is..."
> Kavan stood up. "Chief Petty Officer Kent Kavan, sir. It's a pleasure to
meet you. I hope I'm not intruding."
> Santos nodded. He couldn't explain why, but instead of feeling put out,
what he felt was more guilt than anything else.
> "Not at all, Mister Kavan," Santos said, taking the man's hand. "I'm sorry
you weren't given a more formal welcome. We'll have to do something about
> "It's all right, sir. Petty Officer Wats gave me a tour and welcomed me
aboard earlier."
> "Right. I'm glad to hear it."
> "Kent was just telling me this is his first visit to Hong Kong, Nick,"
Petra said.
> Santos turned from Kavan to Petra to Kavan again. "Riiight," he said.
> Kavan stood up again. "I've obviously caught you at a bad time, Captain.
Perhaps I should..."
> "Not at all, Mister Kavan. I'm having dinner tonight with a few members of
the crew. Perhaps you'd care to join us later."
> "Certainly, sir. Formal attire?"
> "Nothing like that. More of an informal affair. I'll send you the location
later, if you like."
> "I'm looking forward to it, sir. And thank you."
> "Of course, you're welcome," Santos replied. Kavan got up to leave,
collecting his things.
> "And Mister Kavan?" Santos said. Kavan turned to look at him. "Welcome to
the Vanguard."
> _____________________________________
> [Hours later]
> As a student at Starfleet, Nick Santos had whiled away many an off-duty
hour with Bonaparte "Blown Apart" Stamper and Hernando "Henny " Silva in the
environs (and pubs) of Old England.
> Ducking out of the wind and rain, Nick Santos entered an old favorite--the
Fox & Hounds just outside Bathwick.
> He took off his Starfleet overcoat and unwrapped the muffling scarf,
hanging them on the coat rack by the door.
> He looked around, unable to resist the smile playing at his lips.
> Not much had changed in the hundreds of years the public house had stood
at the spot.
> A fire in the fireplace, stone walls and wooden tables.
> Nearby, a gambling machine showed a hologram of a woman pulling three
"Bars" out of thin air. She smiled and gestured at the "jackpot."
> A family sat in the dining room, the husband cutting up chunks of pizza
for a toddler girl while an infant boy sat and watched from a pneumatic high
> "Will you eat this bite, then, darling?" he asked her.
> She turned her head away in disgust. "No! I won't eat pineapple on pizza!
That's disgusting!"
> "Do listen to your father and try a bite, love," the mother said, clearly
at the end of her patience.
> "No!" the little girl insisted.
> Santos turned from this picture of domestic bliss and walked up to the
> "All right, mate?" the barman asked.
> "Yeah, how about you?" Santos replied.
> "What can I getcher?" he asked.
> "Pint of John Smith's, sidecar of Southern Comfort."
> "Ooer," he exclaimed, "that's a wicked combination, that is."
> Santos shrugged and smiled.
> The barman placed his drinks in front of him and turned to the computer.
> Santos drained the little glass of Southern Comfort and placed the empty
back on the bar.
> The barman turned around and looked at the empty glass.
> "I was thirsty," Santos said.
> "Aye," he said, "I guess you were. That will be 32 new pounds sterling,
> "Right, so you're still on the old system," Santos said, producing his
Starfleet micro-PADD.
> "Some things never change around here, Mister Captain."
> "Here, here," Santos said, lifting his pint glass. "To Old England--may
she forever remain true."
> "Aye," the barman nodded. "I'll join you in a toast."
> As the barman turned to his glasses, Santos eavesdropped on the customers
next to him at the bar.
> "...and I told Mick, I did, I told him, 'Well, Andoria United's crap this
year, aren't they?' And he said, 'What, John? How many championships have
Vulcan won in the last century, then?'"
> "Cor..." his friend exclaimed, empathizing with "John."
> Santos smiled and looked at the bottom of his glass. He sat down and
watched football (New Berlin City versus Real Madrid) on the big-screen as
he waited for his crew, his friends, to join him.
> OoC: Tried my best to get the English speech pattern right. ;) Does anyone
who hasn't eaten dinner want to join the captain for a pie and a pint?
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