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> > Lt. Highwaij
> > Conscript  Torpdo room
> > During / After "All hell to breake loose"

Jazz mumbled to herself, "You worry too much he says," she pulled out her
phaser and held on tight. "They keep him in a torpedo casing?" she asked
highwaij who seemed not to have heard her. She just kept on walking by his

As they got to the torpedo room both her and her partner began scanning the
room with their tricorder, "Nothing," Jazz said in fraustration, "Anything
on your end?"

Hichwaij shook his head, "These casings are empty," he reported. "think they
lied?" Jazz asked.

"It makes no sense," Highwaij told her, "why would they lie when they know
that if anything he could die?"

"Honour among convicts?" Jazz asked sarcastically and noticed the look that
Higwaij shot her. She ignored it and looked around. Then her tricorder
caught something, "Mr. Highwaij I think we found our missing link," she
reported pointing to a casing that they had missed.


Highwaij heared Jazz he looked at her "Mr. Highwaij"he whispered "who looks
like I'm getting old early" then he walked to the torpedo case
Jazz pointed to "Good work" Highwaij said

"There is someone in here"Jazz said looking at the tricorder

Highwaij looked over her shoulder onto the tricorder "Strange, according to
the he's wearing a starfleet communicator" Highwaij said

Jazz looked at Highwaij "Why is that strange?" she asked

Highwaij looked Jazz straight into her eyes "Then he activated his tricorder
as he grapped his weapon and moved it around the room slowly
"Awayteam to Vanguard"   Highwaij said

"Vanguard here, yes Lt." The voice of Santos filled the room

"We found the torpedo, but something is wrong" looks like  the subject is
still wearing a communicator"Highwaij said

"We beam out the torpedo first then you" Santos said as Jazz activated a
becon on the torpedo casing

A few second later the torpedo had disapeard

"Standby, we're bea......."Santos said as suddenly the communications

Highwai didn't wait for a second and grapped Jazz's hand as they run out of
the room,
Highwaij looked around the corridors as they moved in to it, holding Jazz
with one hand and a phaser in the other, whille Jazz looked at the tricord
she holded

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