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Thanks for the lead in Mel. It helps a lot ;) I will be on vacation from 
July 28 - Aug 4 so I will not be posting.



Xristha stepped forward "Doctor, we need your help and we have an hour at 
the most to save him, is there ANYTHING we can do to stabilize Levva and the 

Rehnol pulled herself together "no, there is no other option than to
separate the two, the chemical imbalance is too great they reject each

Xristha frowned "but can they survive without each other?"

Rehnol shook her head "There is a 50/50 chance for both of them, the host 
can live without the symbiont, but if the symbiont survives it needs a new 
host within 72 hours, it's a major operation, there is no guarantee of 

All eyes rested on Xristha, the decision was hers...

<end snip>

Xristha paused for only a few seconds. Ironically those seconds seemed to 
last forever. "I will need a few moments to determine my next course of 
action." She surprised her fellow crew with her non-impulsive reaction.

Zena nodded reassuringly and moved over the unconscious patient.

The Bandi doctor walked into her office and sat in her chair. "Computer, 
pull up information on the Trill."

Her wall screen shifted from the medical insignia to a database. The 
computer screen was factual.

"Trill. A race consisting of two sentient species, one humanoid and the 
other a small invertebrate. An environmental disaster in the distant past 
lead to the integration of the two species into a host-symbiont 
relationship. The symbiotic invertebrates live for centuries and are far 
outnumbered by the humanoids leading to a formal selection process for 
Joining. The joined Trill can call upon the memories and experiences from 
the entire life of the symbiont and so are generally very wise and often use 
their skills for Diplomacy and the advanced Sciences. The Trill have a 
unified government and are a prominent member of the UFP."

Xristha was keenly interested in the Trill as they were a species that 
seemed to posess a telepathic archival matrix. However, in this case her 
interest was more concern for a patient.

On one side, she was concerned that the symbiont would only last for 72 
hours without another host. On the other if she did nothing the two were 
doomed to die.

With all of the obstacles, her decision was heavy. The doctor joined the 
others. "If I do not operate the host and symbiont will die. I have no 
choice." She tapped her comm badge, =/\= "Surgical team to sickbay."

The doctor turned back to Zena, "If you do not have a host available in 72 
hours, the symbiont will die. I also believe that 72 hours is a liberal 
number." She continued, "I have read about an alternative if you are unable 
to locate a host in time, but it is not a pleasant nor prudent option."

"What is the option?" Zena questioned.

"A human may become a temporary host for a symbiont." She began to prepare 
for the operation. "It causes extreme strain on both beings. I would not 
recommend it. I would also not attempt it on another species other than a 
human. It was only done once."

Zena nodded.

Three hours later Xristha was again in sickbay, this time a private ward. 
Two chambers sat next to each other. On the right, the host, on the left, 
the symbiont.

Zena was standing next to Xristha. "Levva is in critical condition and it is 
touch and go." She turned to the left, "The symbiont is weak, but holding 

Xristha turned back to Levva, "I feel his emotions. The desperation grates 
on me." She paused and turned to Zena, "I cannot experience or understand 
the physical and metaphysical relationship between a host and symbiont. I 
can easily explain to you the processes behind the relationship." She 
continued, "I am telling you this because Levva may not revive simply 
because part of him was torn away."

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