[USS Vanguard] To The Rescue

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Lt. Zena Quetan
following Chris's "Never Judge a Book..."


Soman: Zena, I need you and Sam to go over to the Vorgon ship and stabilize
their shields.  Up for it?

(end snip)

Zena nodded "We need a way of getting in though. If their shields are that
delicate we cant afford to disturb them"

D'Angelo: It's fluctuating every so often leaving enough time to make a

"Ok" Zena said as she tapped her comm badge "Sam meet me in the transporter
room, we're taking a trip to the Vorgon ship"

"On my way" Sam replied

A few minutes later and the two were ready and equipped to leave

Soman's voice came over the comm "Be on your guard they might retaliate
against your presence, stay in contact where possible"

D'Angelo: There is an opening in their shield now sir

Soman: Lock on to a position and transport now

Bright light surrounded the two and they shimmered into thin air

Rematerlizing seconds later on the Vorgon ship

As the light disappeared from around them the image of a dark corridor came
into view, wires protruded out of the walls sparking every now and then and
a red light flashed like a beacon whilst a siren echoed throughout the
entire ship, A body was lay a few feet infront of them.

Zena put her phaser away and pulled her tricorder out, Sam stood on guard.
She knelt down and scanned the body, she turned to Sam "he's dead"

Sam sighed

"Is it just me or is the air thin?" Sam asked as they began to walk down the

"Yeah, I think their life support is failing too, we better hurry" Zena
replied as she looked around

The ship seemed abandoned, except the dead Vorgon they had found when they
first arrived they had not seen anyone else. Sam came across an access
panel, it was slightly damaged but still operational

"We need to be 2 floors up" Sam said as he studied the screen "There should
be a way up at the end of this corridor" he added

After walking to the end of the corridor they had reached a dead end.

A round orange platform came up out of the floor, the two looked round for
some kind of opening but couldn't find anything

"Did we walk past it or something?" Zena said feeling the walls for a
doorway or panel to remove

"It showed it to be right here at the end of the corridor I'm sure!" Sam

They then both looked at the orange platform, then at each other with a
puzzled look

"Do you think...?" Sam said nodding at the platform

"Well it wouldn't be the oddest thing we've ever come across" Zena said
edging towards the platform

"Ladies first" Sam said with a huge grin on his face

Zena raised her eyebrow "Ever the gentleman"

Zena placed one foot on the platform, the orange light got brighter "so far
so good" she said as she stood fully on it

Out of the wall on her right side shot a small screen it stopped directly in
front of her, she leaned backwards and put both her hands in the air dodging
out of it's way

"What is it?" Sam asked

Zena looked at the screen carefully "looks like a floor selector, and the
one highlighted is our current floor and we need to be 2 floors up so I need
to press this one..."

She pressed the panel and in the blink of an eye she had disappeared

Sam's eyes widened as he stood looking a little shocked

Zena clung to the walls to steady herself from the experience "woah! I'm
never gonna complain about our transporting system again!" she exclaimed

As she stepped down from the platform 3 Vorgon's appeared...

Sam stood on the platform, he was ready for the screen to shoot out unlike
Zena, he pressed the same button as Zena and seconds later appeared on the
same floor.

Sam didn't have chance to sturdy himself when he saw the 3 Vorgons
surrounding Zena, he went to grab his phaser

"No!...It's Ok Sam they know we're here to help" Zena said

The Vorgon's lead them to their systems, they were very weak and
disorientated the lack of air seemed to be affecting them more than Sam and
Zena which was probably why they couldn't initiate repairs themselves.

"You try the shields, I'll get life support" Zena said as she started
tapping on a console

Their system was a little hard to adapt to at first, it was very
sophisticated but had some similarities to Federation technology which

Zena finally managed to get life support back online she turned to Sam
"how's the shields holding up?"


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