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Lt. Highwaij Communications Officer
USS Vanguard/Starbase Brigadoon/Nowhere In Particular
After "Mr Bright Side Part 1"

After they docked at the Starbase, Highwaij made sure everything was done 
then he left his position,
filed a report to the Chief Engineering Officer McCaw and headed to the 
transporter room
from where he transported to  Starbase.

Inside the starbase he headded to the bar where he sat down andl istened to 
the stories that where told
the most of them wherre about heroic stories, they didn't interest him, but 
a few other stories did,
stories about the things that happened around the base, on the base, ships 
in the area etc.
Highwaij new their Intell Officer whould love to hear all of it. Highwaij 
tried to remember all of it.

After a whille he hadded out and looked around for his shipmates.

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