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Lt Sam McCaw
After "Meet the parents" (with a little bit before)

ooc: Just thought I'd tie up a loophole for once instead of tugging at it ;) 
Sorry if its a bit lengthy.

In the strange over-grown arboretum,  the children rushed around the feet of 
the three Vanguard officers; they were shouting and laughing. With a nauseating 
perceptual twist the world around Cyann, Kieran and Sam seemed to slow right 
down and blur. The scene shifted with the sound of a record needle being 
dragged sideways accross vinyl. 
     They were alone, in a dark dusty cave, at the cave opening were two 
strangely dressed men who Kieran recognised as coming from ancient earth 
history. Looking straight past the Vanguard officers they strained to push a 
large boulder accross the cave entrance. The scene shifted again.
     Above the busy streets of Cairo on a roof terrace an attractive young 
woman played with a small monkey, again seemingly oblivious to the presence of 
three confused men in starfleet uniforms. Beside her a thick set Egyptian man 
with a black beard and bushy eyebrows finished his sentence "...be careful 
Indy, some things are not meant to be found". Again the sickening twisting 
sensation comes and goes.
     In a dusty warehouse lined with row after row of boxes, one particular 
crate is enveloped in the shimmering blue light of a transporter beam and 
vanishes. This time the men antricipate the shift, which takes them to a tunnel 
that they have just passed through. It is swarming with Cardassians working to 
rescue their fellows from a massive cave in. The scene shifts a final time, 
leaving Darkwater, Mandrake and McCaw in a turbolift feeling dizzy and 
disoriented. The Egyptian man's voice echoes in their ears, "some things are 
not meant to be found".


At that moment, Cynan Mandrake, Sam McCaw, and Kieran Darkwater emerged on the 

"What the hell is going on?" Mandrake asked.
Santos cocked an eyebrow. "Didn't expect to see you three so soon."
"We'll fill you in later. What's this about a New Vanguard?"
Zena Quetan said: "We appear to have crossed some sort of temporal threshold. 
Best we can tell, we are approximately a century from our last temporal 
coordinates. The inhabitants of the planet below claim to be our descendants."

McCaw nodded. "We just emerged from a Cardassian-held planet into the 
arboretum. There were children. The plant life appeared overgrown. Then it 
disappeared and now, here we are."
Santos frowned. "And the Ark?"

"Yes, but later," Darkwater said.


The three officers shared a conspiratorial look before heading off to their 
various stations. 

------ later -----

Moira laughed. "Of course it is 'safe'!" She said "safe" with a playful mocking 
of Shar's tone but remained cheerful. "We are your family! Come, let us off!"

They started toward the New Vanguard settlement. Santos turned to Zena.

"Let the senior officers know they can start coming down. I'm sure they're 
curious. No shuttles, conceal any weapons. Tell them to keep their questions to 
a minimum and simply observe. But to be careful." Zena nodded. Her fingers flew 
over her PADD as she transmitted Santos's orders.

He turned to Droin. "Start taking bio-readings, but be subtle."
Droin grinned. "Aren't I always?"
"Log your findings."

Santos looked toward the group of people who claimed to be their descendants 
and sighed, grinning.

"Let's go."


Minutes later Sam appeared on the planet, looking rather hassled. Standing 
ready to meet him was a stunningly beautiful young woman who instantly reminded 
Sam of Qbed. Sam's frown seamlessly melted into a smile as he extended a hand 
in greeting.

"Hi I'm Sam, the Vanguard's Cheif Engineer."

The women grinned mischievously, 

"I know who you are, and I know what you're thinking." 

Sam opened his mouth to object but she cut him off 

"You're thinking the Captain will want to hear your news, so I'll take you to 
him directly". 

With that she spun on her heel and set off towards the settlement casually 
calling back to him 

"By the way, I'm Lizzy, your great-grandaughter".

Sam trotted after her muttering darkly to himself.

"There's ALWAYS a catch..."
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