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Dellan gazed at the tree. The face seemed....familiar. He wasn't sure, but 
he could've sworn he knew that person. Nut then suddenly, it was gone.

Dellan turned to Chen'Ki. "Did you see that?" He asked. Chen'Ki shook his 
head. "And neither did you!" He shouted, running past the tree. Dellan 
nodded and followed after.

They soon arrived in front of the house. "Well, this looks like it could be 
a failry fine haul....." Dellan said to himself. Chen'Ki nodded. Dellan 
stepped back. "You HEARD that?" He asked, shocked. Chen'Ki nodded. "Hey. 
These ears gotta be good for something, ya know...." Dellan nodded. 
"Well...how do you suggest we get in there?" Dellan asked.

*Back at the Inn*

Aerissa stared out the window of her room. She gazed at the cloud filled 
night sky and sighed. "Well....looks like a failry aweful day tomorrow...." 
She said, gloomily.

She rose and exited her rooms, heading for the downstairs. She decended the 
stairs and saw some of the group huddled by the fire. She walked over to 
them. Soman rose and offered her his chair. "Please my lady. Sit." She 
smiled and accepted. The lady whom she had fought with earlier turned to 
her. "Where did you learn to cast such powerful spells?" She asked.

Aerissa cocked her ehad. "I'm.....not sure. I was born with very pwoerful 
magic abilities....some say far more so than a normal human...but I don't 
know where I got them from...or how..." She said, staring at the fire.

She looked over, seeing that De'santos and his group were seated at the bar. 
"Soman.....how long have we been at war with Sir De'santos's country?" She 
asked. Soman shook his head. "I'm not sure, M'Lady. Why do you ask?" Aerissa 
shook her head. "I was just wondering...I seem to recall meeting him 
before....somewhere far, far away...."

Dellan Kye - Master Thief
Princess Aerissa Gainsly-Midra Mage/Ancient

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