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sub-Lt. Chen'ki
Kings head tavern
After Brandon's


The "Elf" made an indication twords the Inn's main
door. Alvon, being caught offgaurd, obliged. He
finnaly regained his thoughs as the "Elf" walked past.
"Excuse me, but you are of Elfish blood, are you
not?""Yea. what's it to ya?"
Alvon paused a moment, then shook his head.
"Nothing. Nothing at all. My condolences to
The Elf walked past, without another word. and
thenturned around.
"The Name's Chen'ki. Thanks for not blasting be
withthat fireball back there."
"Well met, Chen'ki." Then he caught sight of his
amulet. "Well met indeed. I have a feeling that we
will be seing more of eachother than one mightlike..."
Chen'ki said nothing, but continued to take his friend
to get a good nights sleep.

(end snip)

    After a good night rest's every body who stayed
behind pack up all their things and left for the town
of Longlands. Half way to the town, Dellan and Chen'ki
"accedently" got lost.

"I head that the village has one rich farmer. Maybe it
will be are lucky night." Chen'ki offered. "Yeah, but
how are we going to sneak out with out being notice?"
Dellen asked.  
"We'll just use are little powers, the only thing they
are good for."

Chen'ki and Dellan got back up with the group and
reached the town. "There that's it. Look at the size
of that house." Chen'ki said from under his breath.
The found the gang of de Santos/Sir Drath (Chen'ki
cound not tell which one was incharge.)Sir Drath said
"Well, at least every one got here all right.

Later that night when everybody was either sleeping,
or down in the tavern just down the street from the
inn. "Now's are chance." Dellan said. "This time,
don't try to steel anything, Haha! Chen'ki said not
trying not to let is laughter carry.

They snuck out of the inn and head for the farmers
house. The night sky was has dark as a black cats
back. As they past the tree, it look like it was gonna
grow arms and grap them. Suddly has the light flickerd
from the lighting they could clearly see a face on the
naked(had no leaves on it) tree.........

Ooc: Well it's short but at least every body is at the
right place now.


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