[USS Vanguard] The plot thickens

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Castle Vaughn Guard
After "The game is afoot"

<from Sir Samuel McCaw>
At the far end of the hall stood a mighty throne of
polished oak and on it, legs akimbo sat Qbed, with a
triumphant expression and matching smirk.

"Good isn't it?"


 "M'lady, for what purpose hath thou summoned us?"
asked de Santos with a sweeping bow.
 Sam stared at him. "Uh, Captain?"
 Qbed made a peculiar gesture, and everyone froze.
"What are you doing, Sam?" she demanded. "You're
*completely* ruining 'the good old days.' "
 "Ruining them?  What--" Sam cut himself off.  It was
best, he knew, to let her explain things without
questions from him.  Headaches were avoided that way.
 She jumped off the throne, tripping herself up in the
many skirts. "What made these women wish for these
things, anyway?" she asked crossly as she easily
regained her balance--a few inches above ground.
"They're just plain bothersome!  Now, Sir Samuel,
you're not playing along.  It's beginning to irk me."
 "Irk you?"
 "Am I mastering the lingo?" she asked with a bright
smile. "And are these days old enough for you guys? 
Do you think this will convince Santos to like me?  I
mean, these are pretty simple times." She made a face.
"Too simple, in my humble opinion.  I *will* be
hopping to the future for my daily shower."
 "Oh...my..." Sam got out.
 "What?" She cocked her head. "You're not the only one
who's not playing along," she said, puzzled. "I can
understand how you escaped, being all used to my
omnipotence and all, but..." She made another gesture.
"Oh, well.  It's taken care of.  They'll all play nice
now.  As for you..."
 "Yes, m'lady?"
 She laughed delightedly. "Okay, *that's* nice to
hear! I'm afraid that I've gotten to know you this
past year, Sir Samuel.  You would find it great fun to
wreck the great game by using your knowledge of the
future to run things.  I want to give you all a
genuine 'good old days' experience."
 "Hey, no Yankee in King Arthur's court am I.  I'll be
good," Sam promised.
 "Hmmm..." She considered it. "I suppose I can always
erase your memory later...okay.  For now, you can keep
your memory."
 "An' it please thee, mistress," he said.
 She grinned again. "Forasmuch as the flower of my
friendship doth bloom upon thee, thou
 "Enjoy the fruits of thy power?" he supplied.
 "That was good," she approved. "Pretend I said that.
Now, time to *really* have some fun.  Get back into
place.  I'm gonna unfreeze them.  Time for the plot to

[During a poker game with Data, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton.]
Prof. Stephen Hawking: So then I said, "In that frame of reference the 
perihelion of Mercury would have preceded in the opposite direction!"
[Einstein laughs.]

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