[USS Vanguard] The new kid

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M.J twisted the wheel of the 2310 viper enigma and at the same time slammed her 
foot down on the brakes. That caused the car to twist violently and halt to a 
sudden stop. She looked out the right side of her car to see her bother 
Duchaine flying past her and her other brother Jon coming close. She smiled and 
slammed her foot on the gas and pulling on the shift. That sent her flying 
forward in a haze of dust. She waved at her Duchaine as she flew past him. She 
was on her fifth corner when the tire blew out.
She came to a slow stop in front of the gate to the side and watched as four of 
her brother flew past. She slammed her hand onto the wheel in fraustration and 
climbed out of the car.
"What were you thinking about sweetie?" Duchiane asked her, "We never beat you 
on the CONDO course."
"I don't know," she lied. she knew that leaving them was becoming a problem for 
"We are going to miss you too," Ashton spoke up but keep your  head in the game 
and come back alive, Or we'll kill you again!"
They all laughed as Roman pulled her into his huge arms. As she closed her eyes 
and huged Roman back, Christopher, samuel and Jon added their bodies and turned 
it into a group  hug with her in the middle. Secure. Protected. Happy.
M.J had said a painful good bye to her brothers. She wanted to cry so bad but 
she knew they would only hold her. She needed to spread her wings again. She 
smiled at the Lt. that came into the shuttle and sat down beside her. Her head 
then went back into the clouds .   Her mother was on the brink of tears back in 
india and her father, well, he was difrferent. 
VOICE: Ok everyone, we're here.
M.J reported to a security officer who told her that she would have to report 
to her quarters before seeing the captain or the First officer. M.J headed to 
her quarters then headed for the mess hall to wait.
Ensign M.J. Valentine
Stellar Cartographer
OFF: Guys am gonna add to the page in a couple of days if you want anything on 
it let me know. The vanguard watcher page. Anything about your characters or 
whatever,... Welcome Andrea, I am sorta   new to this simm as well.

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