[USS Vanguard] The man for da job

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 14:34:17 -0500

By: Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
After: Something feels wrong
Title: the man for the job

Aliyah sat quietly in a the corner and listened to the conversation going on 
around her. This was probably going to be the biggest job she has ever had to 
do until now. Her mind was working over time to think of why the vanguard. Then 
one of the officers she had know to be called Highwaij spoke up


"First I think we whould like to know what kind of ship the
transport is and their crew I whould like to see their crewlist,  further I 
suggest to place
a small team from us onboard their ship" Highwaij said "Perhaps even as 


That caught her attention. She liked the way he thought. The captain's eyes 
went to her and she raised an eyebrow at him, "What do you think ensign?" 
Santos asked.

"I think Mister Highwaij here has a point," Aliyah told him, "I can oversee the 
placements myself if that is alright with you..I have the perfect people in 
mind for the job," she said serioulsy staring at Highwaij.

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