[USS Vanguard] The day the sky fell down

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Counselor Jaav E'thexx
After:  Entrance with a Borg

Deck one lurched to port violently.  Like 21st century patients waiting to be 
stuck with a needle, the crew knew it was coming.  

Santos:  Report...

Soman: Shields are at 45%, inertial dampers are only partially operational.  

E'thexx:  The Borg have adapted to our computed evasive patterns sir.  

Santos hesitated slighlty before responding, cursing discreetly under his 

Santos:  Can you make the corrections manually Counselor?

E'thexx:  Sir?

Santos:  You heard me Lieutenant, it doesn't have to be perfect.  Besides, you 
might confuse them a little...

There was a notable twist of humour in the Captains voice. 

E'thexx:  Aye Sir, 

Jaav disengaged navigational support,  the terminal display reconfigured itself 
in a flash, Jaav placed one hand over the touch controls and the other on the 
concealed manual steering column which emerged in front of him.  He exhaled.  

E'thexx:  Ready.  

Santos:  Divert auxialliary power to the inertial dampers.  

Soman:  Done...

Santos:  (to E'thexx)  execute a cochrane loop and follow it with your best 
rendition of evasive pattern beta 7, that should make things a little more 
difficult for their targeting scanners.  

Tentatively, Jaav executed the maneuver,  the Vanguard banked slightly, the 
crew felt it, there was a lag of a few fractions of a second as the inertial 
dampers adapted to the sudden manual course changes.  The forces of 
acceleration were more noticeable than normal.  

Soman's board lit up, the computer chirped as the sensors picked up something 
they hadn't before.  

Soman:  Captain, Quantum cast-off from the torpedo has dissipated enough for me 
to get a reading... We can confirm detonation on target Sir,  The Borg pyramid 
is caught in the gravity well of Centaurus IV, they are accelerating toward the 
planets surface.  

Santos:  Biosigns?

Droin:  Our sensors aren't fully operational, it's hard to get a reading at 
this range, but it looks like there are still active drones onboard the 

Santos:  She'ra, try and plot the trajectory of the pyramid fragment...How far 
will the wreckage fall from the Hurricane?

She'ra ran the figures throught the computer,  the main view screen was 
replaced by a navigational schematic.  It showed the approximate position of 
the Shutlecraft Hurricane, a superimposed yellow line indicated the estimated 
path of the borg fragment, against the surface of Centaurus IV.

Khan:  Sir, if these calculations are accurate, there is a 95.26% chance that 
the Borg fragment will fall within 1.2 kilometres of our shuttle.  

Droin:  If there are still active drones aboard it's very likely that they will 
survive the wreckage.  A drone can cover that distance in a matter of minutes.  

A communal, dry lump formed in the throats of member of the Bridge staff.  The 
crew of the shuttle craft Hurricane faced the very real risk of 
assimilation...and so did the population of Centuarus IV

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