[USS Vanguard] The call of the D'Angelo Wolf

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After: I think this happens after Mack's post..

Title: The Call of the D'Angelo wold

Conner, D?Angelo, Jazz and Highwaij made their way toward teh transporter room 
one in relative silence. As they got their Connor stopped them just before they 
rounded a corner, "You do not want todo that," he whispered fiercely. "I 
understand," Highwaij and D'Angelo whispered together. "Guards," Jazz added in. 

Connor nodded. They all slolwy peeked their heads around to see how many guards 
they are. "We'd better do this before they realize we've got their leaders and 
sound the klaxons," Jazz whispered into Connor's ears. He nodded and they 
pulled back around the corner.

"We need to spread out, they are only two of them," Highwaij spoke up, "we have 
to take them out." Jazz looked around her for something. Anything at all at 
this time. 

"we need to get them to seperate," Connor spoke up again. 

"Allow me," D'Angelo told them.

He used his hands to frame his mouth and made an old wolf cry. A that point 
Jazz suck her head around to see what was happening. On of the guards were 
coming their way.

she pulled back and waited. she watched as Connor creeped to where she was. she 
moved back slowly. Connor then raised to  his full length and as the guard 
comes around the corner, vogel sent his fist slamming into the man's neck. 
There was no sound except a low stranlged cry as the breath was knocked out of 
the guards lungs. Highwaij and D'Angelo grabbed the man and pulled him around.  

The three men ran around the corner and grabbed the other guard. They had moved 
so fast that the guard did not see it coming. 

Jazz ripped off a piece of her shirt and tied the guard's hand behind him. she 
then ripped off a piece if his clothes and gaged him. She then ran to the men 
were. As they walked into the transporter room it was surprsingly quiet. They 
immediately sprang into action securing the place.


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