[USS Vanguard] The beach

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Author: Cadet Xristha Droin
Position: Cadet ? Medical Track
Setting: Academy Medical Center


I think I?ve lost track of the timeline in the game and don?t want to push 
things too far to mess people up.


Xristha kicked a pebble and watched it skip and dive into a wave of the 
Pacific Ocean. The sun was setting on the horizon and an orange, pink, and 
blood red color spilled across the sea. It would have normally been the 
perfect evening for a walk.

A single tear slid down her flawless cheek, leaving a trail of salty water 
in its wake. She had been crying off and on most of the day in private. With 
others she was stalwart; a picture of perfect stoicism, but inside she was 

Steve would have wanted her to be strong, so would her family. She would 
remain strong.

She sighed, breathing in the harsh sea air. Ever the optimist, even in times 
of strife she reaffirmed that life would continue ? not be the same ? but 
would continue.

Xristha looked back. Her footprints made a lone path along the shore. They 
were slowly fading with each wave. She sighed again, took a final look out 
at the horizon and turned her back.

She made her way to the campus, stopping to lean against a tree to watch the 
light around her disappear as the sun dipped beneath the water.

When she had the chance she would be off this planet.

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