[USS Vanguard] The aim of the game

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  • Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 14:02:48 -0700 (PDT)

Lt.Sam McCaw
A roadside Inn in the town Chen'ki is about to steal
After 'A tree'

      Sam finished cleaning his sword and slid it back
into the scabard. He wrapped up his oil, cloths and
whetstone and carefully replaced them in his pack.
Looking around the room at his companions he couldn't
keep back a little smile at the way they seemed to be
fitting together so well even though they had no
memory of their past experiences together. 

      Shaking off his quiet musings, Sam got up and
headed for De Santos, hunkering down beside him and
gratefully accepting the jack of mead that De Santos
wordlessly handed him. Sam took a slow sip of his
drink and allowed silence to hang briefly between them
before he spoke. "So tell me, as things stand right
now, are we doing anything more constructive than just
heading in a random direction, hoping to accidently
stumble accross this quest?" De Santos appraised him
cooly for a moment then sighed "Your evaluation of our
situation is far closer to the truth than I would like
it to be."  De Santos gritted his teeth in
frustration. "We could do with some more guidance from
that mysterious maiden." Sam stuggled to control his
emotions at the mention of Qbed. "Yeah, I kinda wish
she was around right now..." De Santos grunted  his
assent and then looked quizically at Sam before
raising his eyebrows in surprise. "Are you seeking for
her to accept your affection?" Sam could only smile.
"She already has it. The question, is what she's going
to do with it." 

     Sam stood up, and turned to leave but De Santos
spoke out. "Sir Samuel. I do know one thing. The Lady
hinted that our quest was a personal one. We need to
overcome some great challenge together and only then
will we regain what we have lost." Sam walked away
with a smile on his face, the crew were questing to
get back their memories! Thinking how they'd feel when
they got them back, he laughed out loud.

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