[USS Vanguard] The Truth Will Out.

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Captain's Briefing Room, Crew Quarters,
          Engineering and the Bridge.
Time: -.

Subject: The Truth Will Out.

[Captain's Briefing Room]
  "Look Jaav, I know the delicacy of the situation and the last thing
   I want to do is make you feel pressured, but I MUST have that
   report on Mandrake."

  "You know I can't tell you anything that he and I talk about."

  "I know, but the psych. evaluation is critical. I can't keep
   batting Starfleet off. As much as we love him, we need to know if 
   he is likely to flip out again."

  "I understand. You'll have my report by the time you get back."

  "Thank you, Jaav. Dismissed."

  "So the picnic, Jaav? Jaav! Are you listening to me!?", Zena said.

  "Huh? Oh yes.. no.. I'm sorry."

  "Something on your mind?"

  "Yes. Look I have to go. I will see you later?"

  "Yep! And I expect a full report!"

  "Now you know I can't discuss my work with you."

  "Hmm. I guess I shall just have to beat it out of you then!"

  "Heh. Sounds like fun", he said with a wink. "Cheerio!".

  As Jaav stepped into Engineering, he called for Cynan.

  "Cynan? Cynan you there?"

  "Up here", came a reply.

  Cynan was leaning on the balcony, staring down at main engineering.

  "What's this all about, Cynan? Why did you want our next session to
   be held here?", Jaav asked as he climbed up the rungs.

  "I wanted to show you"

  "Show me what? Have you thought anymore about the interactive
   subconscious holotherapy program?"

  Cynan's gaze shifted over to his left to where Jaav was now also
  leaning against the balcony rail.

  "If we do this, then I don't want it recorded and only you are to
   be there with me. No monitors, no read outs, no nothing. No one
   else must know. I share this with you and you alone, okay?"

  "Cynan, we need it recorded so we can look back at it and work out
   why you are having these dreams. So you can then watch and 
   remember them in detail."

  Cynan sighed and looked back down.

  "I've not exactly been strictly honest with you."

  "What do you mean?", Jaav said with a frown.

  "I already remember my dreams. What they are about, where they take
   place and why I have them."

  "Well. That's great! But I don't understand. Why didn't you tell me
   this before? You know I can't help you unless you are completely
   honest with me, and if this is the case, why do you still wish to
   go through with the holotherapy?"

  "To show you. To show you where it all began. To show you what no
   one must know. I need to show someone, Jaav. That someone's you.",
  he said passing a glance to Jaav for understanding.

  "Why can you not just tell me? Why can no one know? What makes it
   so hard?"

  "Because they'd kill you ?", he offered in a joking manor.


  "This is my dream, Jaav", he said gesturing his hands into the air.
  "This is the cause", he said gesturing again. "This is my 

  "The air? Engineering? I am not quite sure I understand."

  "You see these bulkheads? The plasma manifolds down there? The 
   drive that they house.."


  "These are the things that are familiar to me."


  "They are me."

  "Cynan, I know you used to be an engineer so you have worked with 
   them before in the past but.."

  "NO! Not worked with! Not used! Built! Constructed! Designed!"

  "Cynan calm down..."

  "You know this isn't the first ship with an engine of this kind." 
  he said walking off.

  "Well no, there was the prototype on the USS Tomonaga."

  Cynan turned back to face Jaav with an all knowing smirk on his 

  "That wasn't the first either.", he said shaking his head.

  "What are you saying, Cynan? That Starfleet lied to us? What are
   you basing this on?"

  "It was no accident that I ended up on this ship. They couldn't 
   keep me locked up forever. They had no legitimate reason too, not 
   in the end. So they had me shipped off to the Akuna where they 
   could groom me back into uniform. Then they plucked me right out 
   of the pan and flung me back into the fire... to get me back to

  "Who? Starfleet? You're a good pilot. Of' course it's no accident 
   that you ended up here. They needed you to pilot the Vangaurd
   through the space-time vort.."

  Cynan simply shook his head.

  "They got Nick to offer me a job in operations you know. They'd 
   have liked that if I had accepted. Thought I would no doubt, and 
   then I'd have been one step close to being able to tinker with the 

  "You re los.."

  "But I said no! Ha! They could go jump for it. They still can. It 
   stays up here what I know", he said tapping the side of his head 
   with a finger.  
  "CYNAN PLEASE!", Jaav blurted out. "I'm sorry. Its just you are 
   beginning to rant and I have no clue of what you are trying to 
   say. Perhaps we should start from the beginning another time."

  "This ship, Jaav", he said stepping a bit closer and looking Jaav 
   right in the eye, almost psychotically. "It's me!".

  "What do you MEAN!?"

  "It's ME!"



  "Oh. I see.", Jaav said blinking.

  ".. at least, part of it."


  Just then a spanner clunked to the floor. They both looked round 
  over the rails to see a young lieutenant run out the doors.

  "Ah sh.."

  "Don't worry, Cynan. I will go after her. I will sort it out. Stay
   here. I'll be back."

  With that, Jaav slid down the rungs and walked out of Engineering 
  to chase after the lieutenant. When Jaav finally returned, Cynan 
  had gone.

  [Snip from "Relief" (Andy)]
  At 0700, Elis strolled on the bridge. He was pleased to see all
  bridge officers going about their business quietly and efficiently.

  "Captain on the bridge," Mandrake announced without turning around.

  Soman approached Elis.

  "Sir, arriving in orbit in 30 minutes."

  "Order all department heads to assemble their teams; prepare the 
   teams to fan out."

  "Have them get to work as soon as we have safe transport zones. Use
   any shuttles we have."

  "Rotate teams on six-hour shifts;_Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta. And 
   Let's go where we're needed most."
  [End Snip]

  "Mandrake is to take the Stone Mountain. It has had several
   upgrades that we may be of need of."

  Captain Elis turned and headed to his briefing room.

  "Sir?", Soman inquisitively asked, seeking a bit more information. 
  Elis seemed to be deliberately keeping it all to himself. Sharing 
  only what was needed to know at the time. He was the same during 
  the briefing just 30 minutes ago.

  "Do you not read your communicates [com-muoon-i-k ? Dunno how to write
   that pronounciation of the word, but that's what I am after],
   Commander", Elis shouted over his shoulder as he the door to the
   briefing room closed behind him.

  Soman tapped his panel and up popped a message from Captain Elis. 
  It was about the mission and contained further detail and 

  "Who put the chip in his shoulder", said Mandrake.

  "I don't know", replied Soman as he read the communicate. "I'd sure 
   like to add another" he thought.

[To Be Continued...]

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