[USS Vanguard] The Truth Is Out There......

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Coba Del Rey

Zena and Xristha rematerialized on the Coba Del Rey, Challis stood ready to

"Open a Channel to Tails, Renir and his men appeared just as we were
leaving" Zena said as she Lay Xristha down

Challis opened a channel and sounds of a scuffle could be heard, and a
hissing sound which Zena assumed was coming from Tails.

Before Zena could say anything everything went quiet and Tails spoke "We
have everything under control down here, they put up a fight but it was
nothing I couldn't handle"

Zena cracked a smile "And here I was worrying"

"We have a few things to finish here, I'll contact you when we're ready,
Tails out"

Challis passed Zena the Med kit, she turned to Xristha who was stirring

"We'll have you as good as new in no time" Zena said setting up the
hyprospray "It's been a while since I've been a Doctor so don't judge my
performance too much" she smiled and released the hypospray on Xristha's

Zena took the dermal regenerator and ran it over Xristha's wrists, the cuts
slowly started to disappear.

Challis stood behind Zena holding a tray of food and drink, Xristha sat up
and the tray was placed on her lap, she took a sip of the drink "Qbed...My
kidnapping was just a decoy" Xristha said softly, she was still fairly weak

Zena sighed "Qbed has been taken, we've tried contacting the Vanguard but we
can't reach them...What do they want with Qbed?"

Xristha took another sip of the drink "It wasn't them exactly, A deal was
made with the Vorgon, if Renir destroyed the Carolina the federation would
get involved here, the Vanguard to be precise, in return for bringing Qbed
here they would assist the men in over throwing Miliran..."

Zena looked at the floor in thought, then back at Xristha "So this whole
Angel One mission was a set up...did Renir tell you this?"

"No, I read his mind before he knocked me out" Xristha replied

"We need to inform Miliran, then try to reach the Vanguard" Zena said,
Xristha and Challis nodded in agreement.

**Angel One**

Miliran listened as Zena told her everything she knew "Thank you for all
your help, there may be a future for Angel One and the Federation after
all...Will this Vorgon be a threat to us?"

"No, They seemed to have gone back on their word with Renir after they got
what they wanted, they shouldn't pose a threat at all" Zena replied

Miliran was satisfied with Zena's word "Good luck in finding your crew

**Coba Del Rey**

Everyone except Qbed was now back on board and ready to leave, a course was
set for the Vanguards last known location...
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