[USS Vanguard] The Tale of Cynan's Rug

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
And Lt.Sam McCaw

USS Vanguard.

After all recent posts.

Cynan was still feeling troubled - and who could blame him. There was only one 
answer to his thoughts right now, and that was a stiff drink. Once he had 
finally managed to pry himself out of the chair and out of sickbay, he made his 
way to the nearest turbolift. Unfortunately, the door didn't open. Puzzled for 
a moment, Cynan took a step back and then one forward. Again the doors to the 
turbolift didn't open. 

"Odd", he thought as he turned on his heal and headed for the next turbolift 
further down the corridor. However once he had got there, again the doors did 
not open.

"*sigh* I really don't need this" he groaned as he looked around for the 
nearest access panel.


=^= "Ensign Dufty to Lt.McCaw"

Sam cracked open and eyelid, and consoled himself with the thought that there 
was a special circle of hell, for people just like Ensign Dufty.

"Four AM Dufty, this better be pretty special."

=^= "I'm in holodeck two, you better come quickly...only, I've disabled the 
turbo lifts on this deck."

Sam managed to twist the expected raging ecxpletive into a deadpan "on my way" 
as he hurried out the door.


"Ow!" he exclaimed as he banged his head. "If I ever find the person who 
invented these [Jeffries] tubes I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind" he 
thought as he scrambled his way along, heading to Event Horizon.

 "I wonder if they were called Jeffery?" he mussed and stopped dead in his 
tracks, placing his hands and back to a bulkhead, for just a few feet away from 
him was a Siberian tiger.


Sam found Ens.Dufty propped up against a boulder that stood out above miles of 
rolling tundra. He was applying pressure to a signiffiant gash accross his left 

"Where is it Dufty?" Sam was tense, wishing he'd thought to bring a phaser. 

Dufty swallowed hard "It... got away."

"It can't have, Vanguard doesn't have the facilities..." Sam tailed off as the 
realisation dawned on him. Dufty was the worst kind of night worker, bored by 
the humdrum of the graveyard shift, he played 'games'. Tonight Sam had detailed 
him to service the turbo lifts. Pretty harmless he'd thought. But the ingenuity 
of Dufty's stupidity had won through. The tudra wasn't the arena, it was the 
safe zone. 

"A deck wide Tiger hunt?"

=^= "McCaw to sickbay, please lock on to Ens.Dufty and beam him to a biobed."

=^= "Sickbay here. What's his condition?"

=^= "Chronic Idiocy. McCaw out."

Sam gave Dufty a hard look before he dematerialised. "This is the last time I 
bail you out. The last time! And I'm keeping the mobile emmiter!".


"What can I get you, Ensign Tra'vel (NPC)?" Des asked as Cynan walked through 
the doors to Event Horizon.

"What happened to you!" she said seeing Cynan's torn and slightly bloodied 

"I had a fight with my new rug. Could I have a whiskey please?" he replied 
taking a seat next to Tra'vel, who thought about moving a seat along.

"Just a moment, Margaret was first. I thought you quit anyway?" Des said 
serving Margaret (Tra'Vel NPC) her drink.

"So I figured, quitting is for losers" he said with a grin.

"Riight ok.. so are you going to tell me what happened?" she replied placing a 
whiskey on the table.

"Well, it all started when..."


Sam walked into event horizon and a bad night became dramtically worse. Cynan 
Mandrake was propping up the bar, uniform bloody and torn. Sam tossed the 
mobile emmitter he had retreived from a tiger carcass in Jeffries tube 88-C 
onto the bar. 

"What'll that get me Des?"

Cynan turned slowly and took in the phaser at Sam's waist. His eyes widened, 
but before he could say anything Sam interjected. 




"I'll kill him."

"I'll help. He's in sickbay"

"Serve's him bloody right."


"God, I hope the Captain doesn't find out."

"He'd kill him."


Both men turned to back to their drinks and sipped them quietly. It had been an 
eventful night.

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