[USS Vanguard] The Shadow of the Night

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Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Event Horizon.
Time: After "No telling of stories for me!" (Seth).

[Event Horizon]
Dellan: "Hey Cynan....You got any stories?"

Cynan looked over to Dellan, "Cheers mate" he laughed, "Well lets see. You know 
Desdemona, some cultures still do believe in days like this. I know mine does 
for one and I'm sure Soman's does. being of Bajor and the Prophets and all.

Desdemona: "Well Cy.. Cynan", she said making sure she had the pronunciation 
right, "Surely then, you have some interesting stories to tell too?".

Cynan smirked. "I'm coning to that! Heh. well, once upon a time" he began, 
using a traditional start as he thought about possible stories to tell.


"...in the land of...", he raised his hands in the air, wondering what name he 
could give this place, "...unsung legends and heros, there was once these 3 
boys, just a little under 12.

Earlier that day they'd previous been rejected bye the Elders from going along 
with the others, who were at the age of man hood, and had to prove there worth 
by going on a hunt to find and kill a beast of great power.

Typically a large animal" he explained as a side issue, "such as a boar or", he 
laughed, "a large rabbit"

"And so it was that these boys gathered there knifes and spears, and headed 
into the woods, to catch their prize. To show the elders they were just as 

It wasn't long, well it was actually, the longest day in there lives!, but 
after spending the day chasing after pigs and voles, trying to find something 
bigger, all they had caught so far was some small squirrels that they decided 
to have for their tea - you don't go killing something that your not going to 

So as the suns were beginning to set, they lit a fire to keep warm and to cook 
the meat. Their stomachs were rumbling and filling them was all that was on 
theirs minds, they didn't even stop to think what else might be out there with 
a similar predicament.
It hadn't been such a good day for them, but the food sure smelled good. 
perhaps a little too good, as the smell was drifting through the trees, letting 
any and every animal out there just where to find them. Perhaps an animal with 
teeth like this."

Cynan slowly stood up, removed a canine from a large cat that he wore around 
his neck and place it on the table, before withdrawing to behind the gathered 
crowd, where he started to weave in and out of the light. Always speaking from 
the shadows, his voice appearing from a different spot each time he spoke, 
almost like he was ghost himself.

There was one who knew where he was though, and that was Tails. He couldn't get 
around her nose, but she kept quiet, and let him tell his story.

"Night can be a funny thing. The place that you thought you knew can be totally 
different. The animals that were there in the day are replaced by those of the 
dark, making sounds that can chill your spine..."

As he continued on, he used a talent he had learnt whiles growing up, the 
ability to recreate an animals sound, to add effect to the story, to get the 
listeners on edge.

"At this point they knew that they were being watched. They instinctively 
reached for their weapons, but it was too late. The moment they turned to there 
side, a shadow had swept over them like a strong wind, and had took the first. 
He was lucky; he didn't know what had hit him."

OoC: Silence! heh.

Zena: "And...?"

Cynan: "And..? And they ran of' course! Fast as they're legs would carry them! 
Which was pretty stupid idea really. They didn't even think about what they 
were doing and they both ran in opposite directions."

Cynan shook his head, not that anyone could see. He carried on walking silently 
around them, looking for a suitable victim. Aerissa, she'd do! It was cruel... 
but then it was all in the aid of fun. He snuck up behind her and then. grabbed 
her waist...

Aerissa: *screamed*

Cynan: "Heh sorry bout that... just needed the sound f/x" he said with a sly 
smile. The rest of the group momentarily lost there calm, but now were trying 
to hide laughs.

"Anyway, C. er... Coll looked back. Never do that when you're running away from 
something, I tell you, because when he did he screamed as well. The beast was 
right in his face, gripped his arm and took him out like a light. He barely 
even managed a squirm. 

It was just Llew now. and 'it' was still coming. It wasn't gonna rest until it 
had them all.

His heart was beating faster and faster, his breath growing heavier with every 
stride. He leapt over the fallen trees that stood in his path, ducked from the 
branches that got in his path. He was running for his life no less.

But the beast persisted, snarling...", he made another snarling sound behind, 
"gaining with every second that passed.

Maybe he could have made it, the high ground was near and if he could have made 
it there the beast wouldn't have followed. It wouldn't have left the confines 
of the forest. but pressure can be cruel. You can lose focus, and making 
mistakes is not uncommon. Disaster struck, he took a wrong turn and there 
before him was a stone wall. He was trapped.

He turned slowly around and stared into the distance. nothing. He look up and 
all around at the rocks above. nothing. Then a roar that echoed through every 
bone in his body sounded from the over the hill in front, and he saw his demise 
heading straight for him. The thick black shape, the shadow that would be his 
end, the beast that would eat his flesh was coming.

He grabbed his knife from his side, his spear lost in the run, the creature 

Cynan proceeded to make a terrifying roar and (kinda) leapt onto Xristha, where 
she jumped, everybody jumped, spilling her drink down her skirt.

"Yikes!.. sorry about that Doctor.", he backed away and moved back to his seat, 
squinting at Xristha, seeing if she would forgive him.

OoC: Alexa. er, do you ? lol.

All was quiet again. Cynan seemingly finished, but that was no end for a story, 
not a real end anyway.

Santos: "And then what? I take it he died too and the beast got away?"

Sam: "And what about these... Elders, did no one come looking?"

Cynan: "Oh no they survived", he went on, a more casual, normal everyday 
conversation tone in his voice.

".they all did for that matter. The beast, which actually turned out to be a 
panther, was just taking them out like, ready to eat later."

He took a drink from his glass, swilling it down and clenching his thirst. He 
then sat back up and closed his eyes, like he was remembering...

"When they got back home to the tribe, Llew was pulling the panther along by a 
rope that he'd tied around its feet. The villages had come out running, the 
women screaming that they're children were alive, the men in two minds whether 
they should scold, or congratulate them on there prize.

Seeing that they had gathered round, Llew tried lifting it above his head. He 
could barely mange it, and he soon fell backwards into a pile of mud."

He chuckled to himself.

"He was quite annoyed at that, and especially when everyone else started to 
laugh too. Then the great one, the most senior Elder if you like, came over to 
him along with his father and congregated him and his friends. They were 
proclaimed men on the spot, heroes of the day. The rest of that evening was 
spent in celebration of their feat. They ate that cat that night..."

He stopped suddenly and looked over at Tails, thinking it was best to stop at 
that point as she might get offended, if not already. He then looked at the 
tooth on the table and gulped. How could he be so insensitive? He grabbed it 
back off the table and headed for the bar.

"Well anyway, that's kinda my story", he said faintly, calling back to the 

Jaav: "You told that just then like it really happened, like you were there."

Cynan: "It really happened? Me? There? Don't be si. well maybe, Jaav" he 
laughed, winking at Jaav and the others. 

"Barmen! A whiskey, please, a double on the rocks."

OoC: Well that was a crappy story lol. Well I tried anyways... ! Come on 
Dellan! You can do it. :)

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