[USS Vanguard] The Ranch of Coyote Kate (cont'd.)

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** Desdemona Barrett-Brown**
**Kate's Ranch on Carillon**
**following "The Ranch..."**

Desdemona followed Kate into the house, half listening
to her prattle on about the kitchen work.

She'd been half tempted to lasso the biggest damn bull
in the pen and hog-tie it, just to wipe the smug
smiles off the faces of the others.  As if there would
be any challenge in it.

But, this was their mission.  She was along for the
ride.  And what a ride...  It had been hundreds of
years since she lived in San Fran with Jim, since she
left earth for the last time...  This world was
certainly not earth but the similarities were
remarkable enough to bring back her memories vividly.

"Say, what's yer name, girl?"  Kate had stopped
talking and stood sizing her up.  Des stood a full
head taller than the woman who squinted up at her.

"Mrs. Desdemona Barrett-Brown," Des straightened her
posture, almost towering over the other woman.  She
knew the rules of this little dance.

"And is one of them fellers out there Mister Brown?" 
Kate's cocked eyebrow and knowing half smile told Des
she knew perfectly well none of the men outside was
her husband.

"Let's get one thing straight," Des said, leaning
closer to the other woman, causing her to take an
involuntary step backwards.  "I ain't no 'fancy woman'
so you can quit your grinning.  I can help your girl
out in the kitchen, and I'm no stranger to ranch work,
but if you got any ideas about what kind of a woman I
am travelling without a husband, well, you better just
get rid of 'em."

Kate looked taken aback, but said nothing.  Des could
all but see the woman's misconceptions evaporating,
leaving curiosity in their place.

"As for my Mister, I'm a widow, if you must know." 
Des said.

"Them boys looking after you, then?"  Kate's features
softened and she glanced past Desdemona at the men

"You might say we look after each other."

Kate nodded.  "Well, come along then.  Milly!"  She
barked the girl's name as she pushed open the swinging
door to the kitchen.

Milly was a doe-eyed young thing.  She was pretty, but
had a permanent dull expression on her face.  When she
spoke, her voice squeaked out at barely above a

Kate left the two of them to get to supper.  Milly was
peeling potatoes with a thin curved blade, and Des
pulled ingredients from the pantry to make biscuits,
all the while smiling to herself and humming a tune
that she and Jim used to sing together.

What a kick all of this was.  Desdemona felt her
thoughts pulled back in time, back to Earth, back to
San Fransisco in the summer of 1886...


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