[USS Vanguard] The Ranch of Coyote Kate.

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Rank/Name: Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Locations: Carillon.
Timeframe: During "All Roads Lead to Carillon" (Andy/Santos).

  Subject: The Ranch of Coyote Kate.

[Corillon; Kate's Ranch]
After the team emerged on the planet they had decided to go with the
Captains' suggestion and locate a cattle ranch. Kieran had suggested that
they could perhaps masquerade as ranch hands looking for work. The only
problem was to convince the owner they were needed. That and how they'd got
there with no horses..

"What ya'll boys want on my ranch?" came the husky voice of stern looking
women, who later they would learn to be known as Coyote Kate.

"We're looking for work, ma'am." Cynan replied politely.

The stern looking women spat out a thick, black looking liquid onto the
ground beside her.

"I don't take on no Indians" she said eyeing Cynan, making note of his
slightly tanned skin and knife tied to his right leg.

N.B.: Although I typically think of Cynan as white caucasian I've decided
for this mission to alter facts slightly, which I think I'll make permanent,
especially considering he comes from a world where the climates quite hot so
it would probably figure his people had naturally tanned skin.

"I ain't no Indian, ma'am." Cynan replied angrily.

"Aha ha ha" the women laughed. "Ah what do I care if ya Indian or not. You
got spirit. I like that in a man. The other two can join you too but I'm not
so sure about that one" she said pointing to Kieran. She may have looked
rough, but she was no fool and kept her eyes open at all times, and had
notices Kieran's slight limp as the quadruple had approached her front

Des, Shar and Cynan followed the woman's gaze to Kieran and looked quite
peeved at the accusation he wasn't an able ranch hand. Kieran, like with
most things, had deceiving looks. Sighing and mumbling to himself about the
things he had to do in the name of duty, he unfastened a rope from his belt
and climbed into a near by paddock filled with a couple of bulls.

To everyone's surprise, perhaps even Kieran's to some degree, in the matter
of minutes he had half hitched one of the bulls and had it down on the

"Well I'll be daaamned" the women spouted. "Oookay you're in too! But if you
don't keep up then you're out and there ain't no two ways about it."

"Good work, Kieran. Guys, let's settle in and then take a look round." Cynan

"Oh girly?" the women turned and called out to Des. "Come here child. You're
place is in the kitchen with Milly. Not with them boys there. There's a good
girl." and carried on into the house.

"GIRLY?!" Des spat under her breath. 

"Hey we have to eat." Shar commented and was shot at with a glare from Des.

"Steak, medium rare." Cynan added, pushing it.

"When we're back onboard the..." Des started.

"Girl you better get your arse in here mightily fast or you're out on your
ear!" the women shouted out through the window.

Des's face went red, but knowing it was all for the mission, would go along
with it.. for now.

[To Be Continued...]

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