[USS Vanguard] The Question.

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Every day he was at war, at war with himself - last night had been no
different. But why? It was the question that never seemed to have any
straight answers. He'd thought it had all stemmed from his guilt from losing
his beloved Catherine, and their unborn child but it hadn't. He didn't feel
guilt for that.. at least he hadn't to start with because in truth it hadn't
been his fault. It was there fault, and there doing that had brought about
the dreams that so deeply affected his personality.

After four long years he was coming to realise that the dreams he was having
were mere fabrications of his mind, trying to bring an explanation to his
actions due to the memories that had been erased from his temporal cortex.


Unfortunately there were only a select few that really knew. He'd tried
looking at his records but even what was classified did not reveal the
truth. They had been doctored just as had his mind. Even the men watching
from the shadows didn't really know..


Was this why Xristha had left so suddenly? Did something happen that he
could not remember? And if so why did she not tell him, or for that matter
report him for whatever he could have done... did she even have the option?
Was she too scared? Had she loved him to much? Was she simply 'removed'? The
question only brought about more questions. Questions that had no answers
for a man where a portion of his life had been eradicated.


'Women', he thought, 'they were only really fit for one thing', as he
slipped out of Ensign Miles' room.


30 minutes later he'd done over fifty press and sit-ups and was now
embarking on a 10 mile run around the observation deck of the station. His
exercise resume was but yet another question. Why? It was of' course apart
of the conditioning still buried deep within him brain... the same
conditioning that had caused the incident on Carillon and many others like
it before.




"Good morning" she replied eyeing Cynan cautiously. He seemed a new man.
He'd had a shave and had his hair cut.


"I.. I'm sorry. Last night I was in another world and I.. I'm sorry."


"You look good.., despite the sweaty patc(hes).." she didn't feel the need
to bring it up. She was just pleased he seemed to be dealing with it.


"We should book a holosuite for a few hours. We haven't' done that in a long


"Yes. I'd like that."


"Great. I'll see you later. Cheerio!"


He was back running along the deck. Who would he bump into next?


"Don't forget to have a shower first!" she called on after him.

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