[USS Vanguard] The Past Comes Callath

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Tomonaga; Engineering.
Time: After "Left Hanging" (Mack).

Subject: The Past Comes Callath.        

OoC: I'm a bit worried about making such a story-shaping post like this
but if 
     you don't do it once and find out if it's bad, then you'll never
know what 
     you could have done, right? Oh, and I figured this could lead to a
     evaluation being done on Mandrake by Jaav - so there's another
     opportunity for you Jonathon! (and a chance to learn of Mandrake's

  After they had left the Bridge and gone their separate ways, BRAVO
  (Qbed, Chase, E'thexx, Mandrake and Soman) headed towards Engineering.
  journey wasn't as easy as hoped as there was no power to any of the 
  Tomonaga's systems making the only viable way through the Jeffery's

  Several decks downs, they finally arrived.

  The doors to Engineering were mostly open, a-jarred more then the door
to the 
  Captain's ready room as found by Zena on the Bridge. The room was dark
  filled with shadows when any of the team's torch beams shone through
  doors and into the room. Mandrake was almost certain that he saw
  move and was totally convinced when the hairs on the back of neck
stood to 

  "Cynan, what's wrong?", Jaav asked as Mandrake stopped dead in his
  starring into the void that was Engineering.

  "He knows something, don't you Cynan?", Chase added pushing him into 

  Mandrake still standing, not taking his gaze of the room opened his
lips and 
  almost trembled an answer. "I'm scared."

  "Bullshit. She'Ra told me that you're not afraid of no man.". Chase
  know Cynan well, but he did know She'Ra, and what she said he could

  "There's something in there, Chase, waiting for us, and it isn't no
  Cynan's eyes glinted in what little light there was and then proceeded
  the room as he spoke his last remaining words.  
  "We're all gonna die."

  The others looked to one another, and then cautiously followed him in.

  A few steps later and they were surrounded. Huge beings of some kinds
  around them. There huge hairy arms tearing the hearts from their
  sooner then they could shout out a scream.

*Meanwhile, in another phase...*

  Roch stared down at the console as it beeped and blinked at him. He
  his head and decided that he'd start from the beginning,
double-checking that 
  he'd tried everything that he knew how. Soman was at another station
  the same, along with Mandrake. Qbed was talking to Jaav about her hair
  asking if "Sammy" would like it as he continually scanned the area
with his 

  Then suddenly everyone looked up and around to each other as if some 
  disturbance had been felt by them all.

  Soman: "Did anyone just feel that?"

  Jaav clutched his stomach where his symbiont was and nodded.

  Chase: "I feel as if.."

  Cynan: "..as if we suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly

  Chase looked at Cynan as if to say that was not what he was feeling
but Qbed 
  butted in before he could say anything.

  Qbed: "Oh you guys are so dramatic!"

  Soman: "Qbed, if you know anything, tell us, or stay quiet, please."

  She piped down as she didn't want to ruin any of the potential fun.

  The panel behind Roch began to beep louder and more lights switched
  Before he even knew it the whole panel was lighting up and then all
  panels around it. Soon the whole of Engineering was operational.

  And then there was, people.

  The crew of the Tomonaga were in front of them, the whole of the
  detail, going about their business as per usual, not even noticing
that BRAVO 
  team were there. Soman moved towards one of them to make contact but
as he 
  did so, he left behind an image of himself.

  Mandrake was paying careful attention to this and noticed that an
image of 
  himself stood up from where he was sitting and walked over to a
crewman too, 
  and then that image spit off into two, and another two, and another.
It was 
  happening to all of them. 

  As the moments passed, the lights went out and all went quiet again.

  "Now that was freaky!", Qbed said trying not to giggly, clearing 
  understanding what was going on.

  "Qbed!" shouted Soman.

  "Just what on Earth is going on here!", Chase added.

  Cynan stood and walked over to the quantum singularity housing and to
  cylindrical object standing beside it. He placed his hands onto its
  and ran his fingers down its side.
  "It.. it can't be." he said, mumbling to himself, "we, we destroyed
it, we, 
  we destroyed it all."

  Soman: "Cynan. What it is?"

  Cynan: "It's.. it.. and it has.."

  "It has time circuits like on the Vanguard, but they look more
advanced and 
  there's something else that I don't recognise.", Jaav added scanning
  object up and down with his tri-corder.

  Cynan: "Yeah.. time-circuits.. and.."

  Soman: "I hate to push you Cynan but we don't exactly have a lot of

  Chase rolled his eyes expectantly.

  Cynan blinked and looked around at his colleagues, most importantly at
  and Chase. He was worried about how much he should say in front of
  especially those that he didn't know that well.

  "I have a theory [..it could be bunnies! *sings* j/k]", Cynan began.

  "Well don't keep us in suspense!", Qbed said.

  Cynan sighed and then continued on.

  "In order to travel through time the Vanguard has to create a rift in
   space-time continuum yes? It uses chroniton particles fired from its 
   deflector to create it, which we them either fly through or fire our 
   transporters confinement beam through, right?"

  The group nodded, listening.

  "Well now doesn't that just seem a bit pants !?"

  Soman: "You know Cynan, for someone who comes out with some well
thought out 
          and profound query's, you never cease to amaze me with
          such as that." 

  Cynan looked at Soman and snorted his reply and then looked back to
  object before he went on.

  "So what if you didn't have to create a temporal distortion off the
   bow? but just..", he passed another quick glance around everyone,
   the ships phase in more direct manor rather then relying on the
   created rift, thus creating a more flexible design and killing two
   with one stone."

  "You've all seen, well a few of you, that such a phase difference can
   Our last temporal mission that involved my team and me demonstrated
   although not to the scale I'm suggesting here. That was just the
brink, and 
   a freak accident."

  Jaav nodded towards Cynan.

  Soman: "Just what are you saying, Cynan?"

  Qbed: "He's saying the Tomonaga's more advanced, silly!"

  Soman again looked at Qbed. Almost wanting to restrain her somehow and

  wondering just exactly why the Captain and sent her along with them.

  Cynan: "I've not finished. When the Tomonaga was built Starfleet
didn't have 
         a clue what they'd get. The Vanguards like a cut-down version
         technology that they figured out from.. from all this!", he
raised his 
         hands in the air to signify the Tomonaga.

  "But what if they got something more then they bargained for. What if
   coupling temporal technology with changing the ships phase variants,
   somehow managed to not only cross time, but the

  Chase: "The what?"

  Jaav: "The Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky Bridge, gentleman. A bridge between
         reality and The Mirror universe. In fact, this reality, the
         universe, and an infinite number just like it."

  Cynan looked towards Jaav with a surprised look on his face.

  Jaav: "Parallel universes are much like schizophrenia. It pays to well
to be 
         up the subject."

  OoC: Can you believe I spelled that word right first time! Wows!

  Cynan: "Multiple personalises. Heh."

  Jaav: "Exactly."

  Cynan: "You and Kieran would get on like a house on fire."

  Jaav: "Perhaps I shall join you two at my next opportunity."

  Soman: "Please, back to the task at hand. What you are saying is that
          Tomonaga can cross realities?"

  Cynan: "I believe so, as backed-up by what we just saw. Each decision
that we 
          made, a new 'us' was created. The whole ship seems to be in
some kind 
          of mixed-phased-reality time bubble and so I recommend
          this piece of junk from the singularity immediately, before
          nasty happens."

  Soman: "Chase, Jaav? Do you concur?"

  Jaav: "It's hard to say without conducting more research."

  Chase: "I'll say. Phasing a whole ship? That's impossible!"

  Cynan: "You'd think so, wouldn't you?"

  The three men, Chase, Jaav and Soman got into a discussion of their
  course of action. Cynan on the other hand merely backed up, and
  his own. He had his agenda and knew what he had to do.

  Taking his phaser rifle from his back, he powered it up to maximum.

  "You guys. You don't understand. This thing, it's like an anchor point
   all the other Tomonaga's. Whilst it's still connected, we're all
   connected. There's no way to be free, not until it's gone. At this
   you might wanna stand back.", he said as took aim and fired at the 
   cylindered object.

  The others took one look at him and the phaser beam coming towards
them and 
  jumped back.

  "What are you doing!?", Chase called out and ran to tackle Cynan and 
  forcefully take the rifle from him. Cynan's job was done. He didn't
put up a 

  "He's destroyed it. It's all gone, but the singularity is now starting
  register a power signature, and it's getting stronger!", Jaav said
looking up 
  to Soman and then to Cynan, who was seemingly pleased with himself.

  Soman walked over to where Chase and Cynan were standing and looked
Cynan in 
  the eye, hands behind his back.

  "I don't know what just went on here, Mr Mandrake, but once this
mission is 
   through, you are going to have a lot to answer for. I can't afford
for one 
   of my officers to be running amuck and taking matters into his own
hands. In 
   any other circumstances I would throw you in the brig but right now,
I need 
   you on this team and as I don't know what we might run into, I am
going to 
   permit Chase to hand you back your rifle, but on one condition. I
want your 
   word that you will NOT do anything more without my authorisation. Do
you I 
   make myself clear?"


  "Your WORD, Mr Mandrake?"

  "You have my word."

  "Give him back the rifle, Mr Chase."

  Chase reluctantly handed Cynan back the rifle, to which Cynan slung
back over 
  his shoulder. Soman knew that Mandrake was an honourable man, in his
own way,
  and would keep to his word. He didn't know why Cynan had taken the
course of 
  action that he had done, but he would get to the bottom of it sooner
  later. Now though, the quantum singularity was starting to show signs
of life
  and power was starting to be fed back into the consoles surround
  Perhaps Mr Mandrake had been right? However rash his course of action

[To Be Continued...]

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