[USS Vanguard] The Oddities of a New World.

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Lt. Cmd. Zena Quetan and Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
New Vanguard.
After "Re: Terror of the Night" (Steve/Kieran).

The Oddities of a New World.

[Snip from 'Terror in the Night' (Mark/Cynan)]
"I love you" he said cutting her off and boldly giving her a light kiss on
the left cheek.

Just as Xristha was about to respond the Captain called for an assembly.

"=^= All hands planet side please report to the main complex immediately."
the Captains voice came over the comm. system.

The two just looked at each, nodding slightly and walked off together
towards the main complex.

[Main Complex]
"Right. Are we all here? Where's Kieran?" Nick asked.

"I believe he is at the temple but is on his way, Nick" Zena replied.

"Good, good. Sam. How are the repairs going?"

"Not too bad but I will need a little more time." Sam answered.

"How much time, Sam?" the Captain asked.

"3 days." Sam said confidently.

"Excellent. Now. The reason why I assembled you all here", he started as
Kieran entered the courtyard, "was to check that everyone had been behaving"
he continued looking towards Cynan, "that everyone was alright and to ask if
anyone had noticed anything odd.."

"Odd?" MJ asked.

"Odd." The Captain confirmed.

"Well that depends what you define as odd" Xristha replied "Does trying to
seduce your grandmother count as being odd?" 

"What?!" Cynan exclaimed unaware of the full details of Xristha's first
meeting with Emlyn

"Calm down Cynan" Nick bellowed with authority, he didn't want a repeat
performance of last night.

Cynan clenched his fists tight and mumbled to himself "I should of hit him

"Anyway back to the subject at hand, anything odd?" Nick said getting the
conversation with his officers back on track "And yes Xristha I would class
your situation as odd" he added

Shar then spoke up "Well actually I have been meaning to bring something to
your attention but you've been a hard man to track down" he said looking at

"What is it Shar?" Nick asked

Shar lowered his voice and looked around cautiously before speaking "I had
an interesting conversation with...myself, he...er I told me...er myself oh
you know what I mean" Shar said before continuing "We're in danger that
there are two factions emerging here and we could be caught right in the
middle of a civil war"

"Actually now I think about it, my son was trying to warn me of something
but his wife interrupted the conversation, to be honest I never really
thought much of it until now, but he warned that not everyone here is as
pleased to see us as they make out to be..." Zena chirped in

"I was held at phaser point" Kieran stated all cool and calm

"Ok well that beat's my one" Zena jested putting her hands in the air in a
surrendering manner at the same time

"Go on Mr Darkwater" Nick prompted, really not liking what he was hearing
from his crew

"I decided to pay a visit to the crash site where I was greeted by a woman
in a black tunic, that's how I ended up at the Temple, she led me there"
Kieran said

"And what was so important about the Temple?" MJ asked him

[To Be Continued...]

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