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Lt.Sam McCaw
The Indri System
After Cynan's last post

ooc: Just to recap, Cyan and Kieran are on the surface, entering some sort of 
tunnel/cavern network and Sam's hiding the Coba Del Ray in a nearbye asteroid 
field. Sadly there is enough Cardassian company for all. This post owes a debt 
of honour to all the Hoch Klingon I've been watching since I'm now on holiday :)



A light was flashing and a warning came over the ships communication
system. "Cardassian vessel approaching."

"Cynan, we have..."
"I heard it. Will they be able to detect you?"

"Conduct the scans and send them down. Then do what you have too to
get to a safe distance. Try and make them think you're alone and
have what you came for.. then wait for a our signal before coming
to get us."
"Aye sir. Sam out."


Sam's fingers danced over the controls, making sure he had access to both 
tactical and flight control systems. The Coba Del Ray would be a challenge to 
take into a fight single handed but he was hoping it wouldn't come to that.

Onboard the Cardassian ship Gul Dhamak was not happy. Their work in the caverns 
was not going as planned. A cardassian offcer interupted his brooding.

"Sir, there is a federation ship emerging from the asteroid field. They are 
scanning the planet surface."

"If they escape with that data we will have laboured for nothing. Destroy them."


The Coba Del Ray rocked violently as it's shield's were battered by anouther 
disruptor blast, it was no match for a Galor class warship, and not as fast 
either. In desperation, Sam set a course back towards the center of the system, 
with the Cardassians in hot pursuit. As he entered the outer corona of the star 
the computer spoke disopassionately "Shield's are failing" Sam pushed the ship 
closer and closer to the Indri star. "Hull temperature exceeding design 
limits". He moved closer still, the heat now palpable. "Hull temperature 

At the last moment, Gul Damak realised what was happening. The Coba Del Ray 
jumped to warp, causing a huge solar flare to erupt in front of the Cardassian 
vessell. Only last minute evasive manoevers saved the Cardassian ship from 
destruction. Badly damaged it quickly reversed course and returned to the 

But Sam wasn't quite finished with them, the Coba Del Ray rounded the indri 
star and passed the Cardassian ship delivering a barrage of torpedoes, all 
aimed at the ship's sensor array. Satisfied that he would be safe from 
detection until repairs were completed Sam returned, not a little smug, to the 
relative saftey of the asteroid field.

"McCaw to Mandrake, I'm trasnsmitting you a full scan of the caver system, an 
look shapr, it looks like you've got company too!"
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