[USS Vanguard] The Hunt Is On.

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Indri VIII.
After "Waiting Games" (Alex/Sam).

The Hunt is On.

[Indri VIII]
  [Snip from "Into the Lion's Den" (Me/Cynan)]
    "Get back" Cynan spoke softly, waving his hand towards the wall as
    he peered around a corner. 
    "There are two Cardassians sitting around what looks like a game,
     and another walking the perimeter. Suggestions?"
  [/Snip from "Into the Lion's Den" (Me/Cynan)]

  "Well we could.. " Kieran began.

  "Quick!" Cynan exclaimed grabbing one of Kieran's arms and yanking
  him around the corner, past the two Cardassian's at the table and
  down a tunnel. Cynan had been studying the guards movements so that
  when the patrolling Cardassian had just moved out of sight, he knew
  that they would have just enough time to get past the two sitting
  down and round the next corner.

  "Hell fire!" Kieran shouted, "I mean, hell fire", he said again, this
  time quieter. Luckily as they were in suits it was not heard by
  anyone other then Cynan.

  "Aah" Cynan said wishing he could ring out his ear with his fingers.

  "Sorry" Kieran replied softly.

  "It's ok. Sam, come in."

  Sam with his feet balanced up on a console nearly fell out of his
  chair when the call came in.

  "Sam here. Go ahead."

  "Sam. We're at the mouth of several underground tunnels. Any chance
   of giving us a few pointers?"

  "There's no way without being detected... hold on a sec.."

  A light was flashing and a warning came over the ships communication
  system. "Cardassian vessel approaching."

  "Cynan, we have..."

  "I heard it. Will they be able to detect you?"


  "Conduct the scans and send them down. Then do what you have too to
   get to a safe distance. Try and make them think you're alone and
   have what you came for.. then wait for a our signal before coming
   to get us."

  "Aye sir. Sam out."

[To Be Continued...]

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