[USS Vanguard] The Great Escape

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  • Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 13:51:50 -0400

Shar smiled a small smile to himself as he strode back to his room. When he 
got there, he made a small mark on the wall behind his bed, adding yet 
another to the already existing 243.

Shar sat at the terminal assigned to his room, pondering what to do next. He 
didn't really feel like staying inside all night, but he had to weigh the 
fact that if he got caught outside of his quarters, he'd be in far larger 
trouble than he'd gotten into earlier.

'I'll just have to make sure I'm not caught then,' he decided. He quickly 
tossed on some inconspicuous civies, and grabbed his coat. Next, he logged 
onto his computer console, and started up a progam he'd written, just in 
case he needed to have an alibi for when he supposedly (and probably had) 
been setting up one of his 'practical jokes'. The progam variously opened 
and closed subfiles and messages, mimicing a person reading, sending, and 
taking notes on various files to do with classwork and every now and then, 
opening up some recreational programs, including music files.

That done, he popped the cover off of the console, took an isolinear chip 
out from under his bunk, and placed it in the terminal. The chip had cost 
him a goodly amount of credits, but it seemed worth it to have a low-level 
access code. Not anything that would get noticed if he used it sparingly, 
but much higher than most cadets had. He quickly overrode the window sensors 
and lifesign readings of his room, making it look like he was still inside 
all night, and that the window had never opened.

After closing up the console, he slipped out the window, and headed to his 
favorite off-campus bar, hoping he might run into Nick and the others there. 
It was always a good time with them.

<Ten Minutes Later>

Shar strolled into the bar, picking out the table where his friends sat 
easily, wondering if they realized just how conspicuous they were when they 
were all together. Mentally shrugging, he pulled up a chair and nodded 
greetings, ordering a sangria.

Cadet Shar
(Lt. JG Shar)
(Assistant Security Chief/Intelligence Officer)

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