[USS Vanguard] The Ghost in the Machine

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Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.

Location: USS Vanguard; Bridge.

Time: During "It's been a long road, getting there from here (Post 2 of 2, cont 
from my "Prologue")" (Lela).


Subject: The Ghost in the Machine.



OoC: HAHAHA! Nice touch with the honour stuff, Andy. I thought that was great. 
Lets see if I can explain my angle on it.


His thoughts were on the dinner, the one that She'Ra had asked him to go too. 
The one that he had accepted and how marvellous it had been. Des had somehow 
known - or maybe she just had a few things in just in case things like this 
ever happened? He didn't know, but however she'd done it, she had done a great 
job providing the loveliest meal he'd had in a long time, and what was more 
important to him, She'Ra seemed to enjoy it too.


The trivial chit-chat, the running around in circles, the coyness about the 
conversation, it was all apart of getting to know one another, it was the 
thrill of the chase, and he loved it. He could almost compare the running 
around, picking up her scents, the slight movements in her body, to when he 
hunted an animal, predicting what she'd do next, to help him make his next 
move. but then that didn't seem quite right somehow, she wasn't an animal, she 
was a person, she was simply, She'Ra.

OoC: Does that sound really, really weird and urgh? I hope everyone gets what 
I'm meaning there.



Just then Highwaij cracked his knuckles, throwing Cynan out of his thoughts and 
back to the job at hand. The ship was still on autopilot, the Bridge crew 
silent, minus the occasionally deep breath, or croak in someone's throat. 
Tension was most defiantly in the air.


Checking his systems he was ready. Ready for anything. Ordered or not. He'd fly 
this bird like the wind before the eagle even took off.


[Snip from "It's been a long road, getting there from here (Post 2 of 2, cont 
from my "Prologue")" (Andy)]

Just as he finished that thought, the rear turbolift opened on the bridge, and 
Soman Drath, Dominic Santos, and Zena Quetan appeared.


"Hip, hip, the cavalry's here," he said.


Santos shot him a look and headed for Highwaij.



...a stare that told Cynan to button it or face a night in a cold cell without 
any super. He turned back to face his station, as The Captain proceeded to gain 
a status report on the ships current state of affairs.


There was nothing to report, but wait, a transmission... and a squeal, so loud 
and so high pitched that it was ear piercing, almost incapacitating, but 
somehow, someone managed to shut it off, and then out of the blue, if enough 
wasn't going on right now, a Borg Pyramid emerged up ahead.


The Captain then ordered the necessaries, to move to red alert, to raise the 
shields and order anyone not currently at their post to get to it. The heat on 
the Bridge was rising, and his heart was thumping for more, but it would soon 
be silenced, silenced by the shock of a lifetime...


...Kristen, was still alive...



OoC: Sorry I'm not furthering the story any here, but its a kind of tricky 
thing to do at the moment.

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