[USS Vanguard] The Further (Mis)Adventures of Kieran Darkwater

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Lt-Cmdr Kieran Darkwater

A&A Officer

USS Vanguard

On>[snip]Eventually, his verbal attempts to separated them failing, he was 
forced to grab a wrist of each them and drag them into his room, away from the 
slowly growing crowd of leering crewmen who?d come to watch the action.

?Oh, Kieran?? Sapphire stopped in her tracks, all thoughts of conflict 
forgotten as she turned to view the decorations. ?It?s wonderful.?

?Impressive.? T?Vel agreed, her voice still throaty and forced, a far cry from 
her typical, admirable efficiency.

?Um? thank you.? Both of them advanced on him, backing him up until he settled 
into his chair, fending off hands.

?You?re going to have to choose, you know.? T?Vel told him, and he knew he was 
in trouble.[/snip]


?You?re absolutely right.? He nodded, forcing a grim smile as he stood, 
slipping nimbly between them. ?I?m leaving, try not to damage anything.?

?Kieran, wait..? ?Oh? stay?? the pair of them whined, but their faces seemed 
blank and foreign to him, unreadable and inscrutable.

Long-nailed hands ? which made them Sapphire?s ? grasped at the back of his 
uniform, but failed to gain purchase as he opened the door and made good his 
escape. He heard the pair struggling behind him, each trying to prevent the 
other catching up to him, which gave him the time he needed to lose them.

?Hey there?? someone muttered from a darkened doorway, as he passed. ?Fancy 
some fun??

?No.? he offered, after a moment?s consideration, moving on without a second 
thought. At the bridge, the doors were sealed to all access, which confused him.

?What do you want!? came Kavan?s curt response when he keyed his communicator.

?I?m looking for the Captain.?

?I?m the Captain now.?

?Are you sure? That doesn?t seem to be in line with the rank structure.?

?I?M THE CAPT?? The sound of a phaser fire indicated that the comm. panel on 
the bridge had ceased to function, and without the means to talk to the bridge, 
Kieran turned a looked for somewhere else to go.

?Science?? he decided. Exiting the turbolift near the messhall, he was forced 
to duck for cover as something was thrown at his head. Rolling neatly to his 
feet he sidestepped a second assault and neatly swept the legs out from under 
his assailant.

?Damn it, Darkwater, it?s a food-fight?? grunted the prostrate figure of 
Highwaij, caked in thrown food as he rolled to his feet. ?A party!? The screams 
and calls meant nothing, particularly, and peering in through the doors of the 
mess-hall he realised he couldn?t make out anything from the facial expressions.

?They?re fighting?? he muttered, confused, as much to himself as Highwaij. 
Turning away, he continued on his way towards science, wondering what had 

Slipping in through the doors to the main science lab he ignored the muffled 
grunting coming from the other side of the spectral analysis pallet ? he could 
vaguely make out Sapphire Cochrane?s miniscule green ?dress? draped over the 
scanning head ? and turned towards the office. The door hissed open revealing 
Zena slumped across her desk, face stained and darkened, a number of empty 
bowls arrayed across the desk before her.

This wasn?t his department head, not like he knew her. No-one was like he knew 
them, everyone was acting strangely?

Slowly crouching into a corner he buried his head within his arms, compressing 
himself into a ball and gently tapping his head back against the bulkhead, 
soothing himself with the rhythmic beat of the noise, the complete 
predictability of the sensation, and the artificial sense of control.

?What?s going on??

?Insufficient data to complete the enquiry.? The computer responded, promptly, 
assuming from Zena?s inactivity that the question was directed at it. Kieran 
sat up, eyes wide as he realised he had someone ? something ? to talk to that 
wasn?t going to be unpredictably confusing.

?Computer, analyse behaviour patterns of the crew at this time, and detail the 
proportion that are behaving in an unusual manner.?

?Unusual is not a sufficiently defined term against which to make a 

?Alright? what portion of the crew currently on duty are at their active 

?Twelve percent.?

?How many of the off-duty crew are engaged in activity that is not consistent 
with their personal schedules.?

?Ninety percent.?

?Oh.? At which point the door opened...

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