[USS Vanguard] The Boy who Became the Man.

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
San Francisco, Earth.
During/After "Home Again" (Jonathon/Jaav).

The Boy who Became the Man.

"Very good, Cadet Brown" said Professor Tate, assistance Martial Arts
instructor to the Academy, as he helped Cadet Brown up from the training mat
and ushered him back to the rest of the group.

It was the first day of training and Professor Tate had decided to give each
cadet a demonstration of how effective the arts could be whilst at the same
time sizing up his students.

Looking to his left, Professor Tate looked to Professor Enoeda, head of the
martial department, for the name of the next cadet.

"Cadet.... Mandrake, Cynan Mandrake" Professor Enoeda read from his list.

"O'kay do we have a Cynan with us?" Professor Tate asked the cadets.

When no one stood up he had to repeat himself. "Cadet Mandrake, can you come
up here please. Does anyone know Cadet Mandrake?"

The cadets looked at each other and each shook their heads bar one. He was a
strange sort, idling passing the time by fiddling with his hands,
occasionally looking around the room, for what was a unknown reason. He
didn't appear to be interested in the lesson at all.

"Cadet Mandrake" Professor Tate asked again clicking his fingers in front of
Cynan, to which his head shot up and met the Professor's gaze.

"Right now that you're with us" the Professor chuckled, "would you mind
joining me up here for a moment?"

"Yes sir, I mean, no sir" Cynan replied standing up and joining the
professor on the training mat.

"O'kay, attack me" the Professor ordered.

"Come on I won't bite. Attack me" repeated the Professor when Cynan did
nothing. The other cadets again looked to one another wondering what was
going on. Cynan appeared to be idly studying the room again.

"Looks like we've a shy one here, Sensei Enoeda" Professor Tate said to
Professor Enoeda looking his way.

"Watch out!" Professor Enoeda shouted as Professor Tate turned back to be
faced with Cynan's fist.

"My nose! He broke my nose!" cried Professor Tate as Professor Enoeda rushed
over. The other cadets not knowing what to do stayed sat down, however edged
slightly away from Cynan as he sat back down in the same space he was
occupying beforehand.


"Cynan, you can't go around hitting other instructors or anyone else for
that matter" Professor Langham said.

"He told me too." Cynan replied.

"Yes but he wasn't prepared."

"He should have been watching." Cynan said looking around the room at
Professors Langham's many artefacts that he'd collected from all over the

"You have to understand that you're a litle.. unconventional then most and
whilst I appreciate that you only did what you were told can I please ask
you that you won't do anything that will either directly or indirectly harm
another for the rest of your time here at the academy? There are only so
many excuses that I can make for you."

"Yes Mr Langham" Cynan replied. Cynan had never called him Professor, not
even when he was having a telling off (not that this was such a time). He'd
always thought that it seemed to impersonal for the man who had taken him
off the streets, into his own home and sponsored his entrance into the
academy. Cynan was what you might call Longham's adopted son here on Earth.

"Oh and Cynan?"

"Yes Mr Langham?"

"I'm going climbing this weekend. Do you fancy it? Thought I'd try some of
the Grand Tetons in Wyoming."

Cynan's face lit up with a huge smile across his face. He loved to rock
climb ever since the Professor had introduced it to him.

"I shall take that as a yes then" Professor Langham said as Cynan slipped
out through the door.


[Snip from "His Nibs" (Andy/Santos)]
Before Santos could say anything else, the door opened, and more of their
friends joined them. The waitress returned with Nick's last order and pulled
out her PADD to take the newcomers' orders.

"So what are we on today then?" Jaav asked Zena and Nick.

"Sangria!" they replied together laughing.

"Water please" Cynan said towards the waitress.

"He'll have what the rest of us are having!" Nick bellowed.

"I'll have a water please" Cynan repeated with a little nod and a smile to
the waitress.

"He'll ha..."

"And my friends sorry for smoking" Cynan interrupted Nick, taking his
cigarillo and stubbing it out.

"Thank you" said the waitress turning towards the bar. "One water coming
right up!"

"Hey!" Nick exclaimed but Cynan paid no attention.

"Hi Cynan" Zena said.

"Hi" Cynan replied as he reached to the centre of the table, lifted a flower
from the vase and offered it to her.

"Oh you're so sweet but it'll die if we take it out of the vase" Zena said
taking Cynan's hand and placing the flower firmly back into the water.

"Oh please." Nick said rolling his eyes. "Every time we're in here you do
the same thing and every time she puts the flower back in the vase, when are
you going to take the hint, eh Cynan?" Nick said elbowing Cynan playfully in
the ribs.

"Pay no attention to him Cynan. It's a lovely thing to do" Zena said with a

[To Be Continued...]

OoC: Who else is about? Aliyah, MJ, Jazz, Ceelak, Highwaij, Shar... any of
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