[USS Vanguard] That is so....Vulcan

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After: Equinox
Title: That is so....Vulcan
"I do not intend to finish this for the Captain, Miss, but for myself. 
I have to settle this in my own mind, before I can look for it in 
someone elses. You're right, you don't know me, that's obvious - each of us 
deals with things in our own way. You, apparently, like to confront 
them - I prefer to rationalise them. When I'm done, I'm sure I'll be 
available to turn down your party invitation for lack of interest, rather 
than pressing engagements, now if you'll excuse me...?"
[end of snip]
"but..." Jazz started to call after him when someone grabbed her shoulder., 
"his attitude is so...Vulcan!"
"Let him go," the voice told her. 
She turned to see the one they called Highwaij behind her.
"I don't think he really likes it on board this ship," she pointed out. "The 
look in his eyes was like i was out to get him."
the two walked back over to the others, "Whats his problem?" Jazz asked as she 
watched the closed doors where Kirean had left through.
"Let's just say the man doesnt socalize much," D'dangelo spoke up.
"Havent said one word to me since i got here," Roch said between swallows of 
whatever it was he was drinking.
Jazz only shook her head. The others began to chat but her head was back to why 
she came on board. Everyone wanted this position. A friend of hers even stopped 
talking to her because she (jazz) got the call instead but for what? 
Jazz absent mindedly raised her cup to her lips and sipped. The alcoholic taste 
hit her and she took a deep breathe. "Well thats the last time I try to be nice 
to any one," Jazz said out loud without noticing.
Lt. JG Jazz "Rixx" Falcon

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