[USS Vanguard] Terror of the Night

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
New Vanguard.
After "During "The Last Temptation of Nick, or, Wheel Keep on Turnin'"
(Andy/Santos, Andrea/Ceelak).

Terror of the Night.

[New Vanguard]
Cynan had beamed down along with Ceelak and Craig but he didn't stay with
them long, leaving to explore the planet on his own.

In terms on natural environment and living conditions it was much the same
as his home which meant it was a place that he could relax in. However the
people's culture was far from his liking at all...

"Did you tell her? What did she say-do?" a figure in the courtyard asked

"I told-asked her but she.. she.." the second figure stumbled to reply.

"What? What did the beautiful-lovely Xristha do?" the first figure asked

"She had to report in to the Captain-man but I gave her the necklace-jewels
and-more think she will be mine-own!" the second figured beamed.

It was at this point that Cynan saw red and took a swing at the second
figure, which caused the first to scream.

[Snip from "The Last Temptation of Nick, or, Wheel Keep on Turnin'"
Santos looked around, puzzled. "Hate to interrupt, but where are the

"Oh, they're around," Quetan said. "I haven't seen Shar, Kieran or Cynan
lately, though."

"Don't worry, Nick," Droin said, somewhat annoyed at being interrupted.
"They can handle themselves."

Just then, a loud scream from the distance pierced the sound of
party-making. Santos, Quetan and Droin looked at one another and took off
toward the sound of the scream.

"That's what I'm worried about!" Nick shouted as he ran to the scene.
"What's going on here?" he asked as he arrived.

"Emlyn" Xristha said seeing him laid out on the floor and so instinctively
rushed to tend to his wounds. She was of' course, still a Doctor and could
not stand by whilst another was suffering when she could help.

"He hit-punched Emlyn!" the girl (the first figure) shouted as she pointed
to Cynan.

"Lt. Cmd., what happened here, is this true?" Nick asked, now in his
official capacity as the ship's Captain.

Cynan turned his head to face the Captain and then to the girl who was
incriminating him, and then finally to Xristha as she said his name and
asked why. "Cynan, why?"

"This is why you were banished and why you don't deserve her!" shouted
Emlyn, blood dripping from his nose.

Cynan was infuriated, his nails although short, digging deep into the walls
of his palm. "Cynan" Xristha said trying to reach him, reaching out to
caress the now solid fist of his right hand in an attempt to soften it and
Cynan's mood.

"She's mine! Your can't have her!" Emlyn stated backing up on his hands and
knees, shakily raising to his feet and running off. Cynan's gaze never left
Emlyn's sight until he disappeared out of view.
"I'm waiting, Lt. Cmd." Nick said to Cynan with a firmed tone.

Not feeling in the mood for the company, a lecture or an explanation, Cynan
snorted and turned away and walked off into the shadows. One of these days
he was seriously going to regret his self-righteous born attitude.

"Mandrake!" Nick called on after him getting annoyed.

"It is truth. He was punished-banished from these lands and for this very
reason-incidents" the First Consul of New Vanguard spoke out, walking
through the crowd that was now gathering and to the Captain. "We were
hoping-hoped that he would have remained-stayed on the ship."

"First Consul, you have my sincere apologies for this matter. Cynan
Mandrake's behaviour has been intolerable, and I ensure you, it will not
happen again for the duration of our stay. Zena.."

"I'm on it" she replied and walked off to follow Cynan, knowing already what
the Captain was to ask.


"You sure do have a way with people" Zena said walking out on to the balcony
and under the moonlight where Cynan was standing.

"Not in the mood for talking then?" she said after standing beside him for a
few minutes.

"He was asking for it." Cynan finally replied.

"But you can't go around giving it whenever you feel the urge. That is what
we have the law for."

"I am the law!" Cynan snapped back to her looking at her dead on. "I'm the
law of my own body, my mind and will, and I shall do as I please. I always

"Oh Cynan, this isn't your home world that you're on now. An eye for an eye
doesn't cut it here, or in any other place for that matter, least not in

"Then perhaps I should leave for good."

"O'kay now you just being pathetic."

"Pathetic? Is that what you really think?"

"No.. what I really think is that you need to let go of whatever chip you've
had on your shoulder since I first met you and probably a long time before
that, and become the man that I know is inside. That Xristha knows is

"You been taking lessons of, Jaav?" he chuckled dryly.

"I don't need too. I have been around for awhile you know."

"So how old are you?" he asked, turning to face her, his expression now one

"You can't ask me that!" she replied with a mocked expression of shock.

"So how old are you?" he repeated with a charming smile.

"Old enough to still put you over my knee young man!" she said laughing.


The crowd in the court yard had now dispersed, and the majority of
inhabitants and the visitors from the ship had returned to the party.
Xristha sat with the Captain pretending to listen to the First Consuls' and
Captains' conversation, nodding every so often whilst really her mind was
adrift. Emlyn was back at his house planning something drastic, whilst Shar
had wondered over to the temple and was making a shocking discovery with

"So how do you let go? Let go of all those past lives and not let them spill
over into the present" he Cynan asked Zena.  

"It's not always easy, but on the whole my symbiotes memories are just that,
memories of other peoples lives. I am still very much me but with a vast
amount of knowledge. Some traits do influence you though but these are
mostly good and you integrate them into who you are. The ones that are
bad... well, you just have to put them all in a box and file them away." she

"In a box, just like that" Cynan asked.

"Yep! Just like that"

"Now why didn't I think of that.." he joked.

"Aah, well you aren't as smart of me!" she joked back.

"Am too!"

"Are not!"

"Am too!" 

"Are not!"

"I think I've proved my point" he said cheekily.

"What.. no... hey!" she said poking him friendlily in the ribs.

"Hey don't you remember what happened in the holodeck that time when you
last did that... ?"

Zena and Cynan stayed up right through the night, discussing what was and
what would be, whilst watching the stars up above. In the morning they both
awoke in their own beds that had been prepared for them specially, neither
knowing how they had gotten there from the night before.

"Xristha" Cynan spoke out softly, holding up a bunch of flowers to her after
tracking her down to an orchard with a stream running through it.


"I love you" he said cutting her off and boldly giving her a light kiss on
the left cheek.

[To Be Continued...]

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