[USS Vanguard] Temp duty

  • From: "Soman Drath" <karma_tsunami@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 18:33:53 -0400

From Christopher Jackson

Lt.Com. Soman Drath
U.S.S. Vanguard
an hour after "Questioning"

Soman sat at his desk sifting through several PADDs.  He had the duty rouster 
up on his primary screen.  His short conversation with Ms. Merchant had left 
him fuming.  A breif talk with Xristha and getting to work seemed to take the 
edge off.  

=/\= Ensign Chase, report to XO's office.

=/\= on my way, sir.

Soman cleared the PADDs from his desk.  In less than a minute, Mr. Chase chimed 
the door.

"Enter."  The doors parted and Roch Chase moved into the XO's office.  Taking 
measure of the man, Soman saw a young, likely headstrong, definately sure of 
himself hotshot; ready to take on the galaxy.  "Ensign Roch Chase reporting 

"Ensign, you're aware of the mission that Vanguard's about to undertake. Well, 
certain key positions need to be filled while their regular duty officers are 
away.  I've read over your record.  It says you served aboard the Cobalt during 
the last Borg assault.  It also says you're one hell of a pilot.  Allow me to 
give you some big shes to fill.  I have decided to assign you to helm while Mr. 
Mandrake is away."  Soman watched as a smirk crept up on Chase's face.

"Sir, I'll do my best," Chase responded, a little more excitedly than he 
probably meant to.  Soman knodded his acceptence,"So, do you have an questions, 

Tag to Mack.

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