[USS Vanguard] Talk about out of the pot.. into the fire

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  • Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 16:25:00 -0400 (EDT)

After: Violations
Lt. jg Jazz Falcon

Jazz and higwaij began moving again. The heat was getting to her. She stopped. 
"what are you doing?" Highwaij asked as he looked back. he looked away again as 
soon as she saw why she stopped.
Jazz was removing her outer tunic to her nuniform. one of her pips flew off and 
she was about to go after it when Highwaij spoke, "No time now," he told her. 
Sounds were still coming from outside. The ship shook.
"What the hell was that?" Jazz asked.
"Sounds like we're under attack!" Highwaij spoke.
"Somehow thats not the answer I was looking for!" Jazz told him as a part of 
the ceiling began falling down. She chuked herself at Higwaij and both of them 
fell out of the way. She got up and helped Highwaij to his feet as they both 
looked up. Luckily that did not mean a hull breach.
"I don't think we are under attack,"she told him.
He looked at her and seem to understand her, "The vanguard!" they both yell as 
they took off in a sprint towards the bridge of the conscript.

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