[USS Vanguard] Talk about Crazy..

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 10:16:00 -0500 (EST)

After: Here Kitty Kitty
Ensign Aliyah-Amore Lopez Fitzgerald
[snip]"Ah, well.. this is the third time. Second today. She must've escaped 
while I was at the bar with everyone. You should have come Ali. Good times 
were had. Anyway, I escaped narrowly avoiding expulsion if I'd been caught, 
and made my way back here. I'd been saving this for a Klingon student, but 
after that little incident, I figured I could put it to better use with the 
Andorian who so rudely interupted our night out. I was just going to plant 
the little beast in his room, if you cared to come along.." Shar grinned 
[end of snip]
"Ah-ha!" Aliyah said pointing to Shar, "I knew it! I dont know about you Shar."
"You mean whether he's nuts?" Zena asked, "Well he's nuts hands down."
Aliyah rolled her eyes, "I dont want to be your accomplis, I am training to be 
a JAG officer you know." she said holding her head up proud. She looked Shar to 
see him looking at her with a -huh- look on his face. She laughed and turned to 
Zena, "I know this is bad but I have to see the look on the Andorian's face 
when he sees a cat in his room. Up for it?"
[tag Zena: I know we dont do many tags but i didnt want to put Zena in a place 
where she didnt want to be.]

Lt. Kri Axa Vina
Chief Diplomatic officer
USS Indianapolis-A

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