[USS Vanguard] Taking Action

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Lt.Commander Zena Quetan
USS Vanguard - Sickbay
Following on from "Did You Say Q?" and "In a White Room"

Zena and Cynan turned at the sound of Craig's voice and there was a moment of 

"Well, not the most famous Q, but just as much trouble all the same" Zena 
answered Craig

"You haven't had the privilege of meeting Qbed yet have you" Cynan added

"No and I'm guessing I don't want to?" Craig replied

Santos groaned, now sat up his hands rubbing his eyes "What..What happened" he 
was still weak and groggy

Xristha stood at his side, she scanned him then gave him a quick shot with the 

"Jazz called me over, she said you momentarily came round, you've had us all 
worried Nick" Xristha replied 

"Nick, you were talking to Qbed whilst you were out, we only got odd words 
though....was is just a bad dream or was there really something to it?" Zena 
asked concerned

Nick's eyes widened as his conversation with Qbed suddenly hit him "Sam!" was 
all he could manage to get out

From the random words of Nick's unconscious rambling, the look on his face and 
tone in his voice, it was clear that Qbed wasn't here for a friendly visit

Zena and Cynan looked at each other "Quetan to Bridge"


"Computer locate Sam McCaw" Cynan commanded

Again Nothing...

"I'm taking that as it was no dream" Zena said

"Craig get to Security, have Ceelak assemble teams to sweep the ship, get one 
to the Bridge and Engineering asap"

"Cynan go to Engineering, see what's going on down there, see if you can get 
the Computer and Comm responding, If you can I want the ship put on Red Alert"

"I'll make my way to the Bridge" Zena finished

The Three headed their separate ways

Zena couldn't help think as she ran down the corridor if what she had ordered 
was a little over kill, but then when a Q was involved over kill didn't exist

Craig was just relieved he hadn't been sent to Engineering, he'd had enough 
technobabble for one day...


Just thought I'd continue things a little, nothing major :-)
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