[USS Vanguard] Surely it can't be me!

  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 21:48:45 +0100 (BST)

Kieran wandered away from the sickbay in a slightly dazed state, his customary 
frown deeper than usual as he watched the people moving past him. At the back 
of his mind he was aware that people seemed a lot less restrained than usual ? 
there were displays of affection and more going on about him, and he cringed 
away from as he moved, shoulders hunching further and further as he went.


The displays of excess grew more pronounced, and then moved into realms he 
couldn?t begin to comprehend, odd looking gestures and complicated expressions 
sending him scurrying along to his cabin. The familiarity, as the door opened, 
of the arrangement of furniture and ornaments was comforting, and he settled 
into the room with a sigh, letting the door hiss closed behind him as he did.


He picked up a pack of tarot cards from the side as he passed, part of an old 
project that he?d never finished, and settled into the chair behind the desk, 
shuffling the pack and then sorting them, card by card, into order, before 
shuffling them again, calming himself with the repetition and pre-destination.


When the door chimed he tensed, the cards halting their flow mid-shuffle, 
settling awkwardly in one hand.


?Who is it?? he finally demanded, when the chime sounded a second time.


?Sapphire.? Came a sultry reply, and it took him a few seconds to realise.

?Lieutenant Cochrane??


?Please, Kieran? I think we know each other better than that, don?t you??


?Um, no? not really.?


?Are you going to open the door and let me in??


?I wasn?t going to, no. Why??


?Kieran!? she sounded irritated and slightly surprised.




?Why won?t you let me in??


?This is my room, it?s? private.?


?That was the point.?


?Sapphire!? A third voice cut in over the comm. System, Ensign T?Vel, sounding 
significantly more animated than was typical. For that, more than anything, 
Kieran opened the door. Between the two of them they were nearly wearing a nice 
outfit. Kieran flushed crimson, stepping outside as the two women started 
slapping and clawing at each other, significantly endangering the limited nod 
to decency they?d both made. Normally, of course, the Vulcan?s significantly 
higher strength would have counted for much, but his presence seemed to be 
distracting her, and both of them were so unfocussed they were having little 
effect on each other.


Eventually, his verbal attempts to separated them failing, he was forced to 
grab a wrist of each them and drag them into his room, away from the slowly 
growing crowd of leering crewmen who?d come to watch the action.


?Oh, Kieran?? Sapphire stopped in her tracks, all thoughts of conflict 
forgotten as she turned to view the decorations. ?It?s wonderful.?


?Impressive.? T?Vel agreed, her voice still throaty and forced, a far cry from 
her typical, admirable efficiency.


?Um? thank you.? Both of them advanced on him, backing him up until he settled 
into his chair, fending off hands.

?You?re going to have to choose, you know.? T?Vel told him, and he knew he was 
in trouble.
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