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Counselor Jaav E'thexx

USS Vanguard

After: New Beginnings 

Dr. Xristha Droin slowly moved the peripheral medical scanner over the
abdomen of Jaav E'thexx. The emergency transplant of the artificial
Renhol symbiont into the Counselor had been, physiologically speaking,
a success. But the drama and activity surrounding the retrieval of
Cynan Mandrake and Jaav's participation on the away team, had meant
that certain 'consequences' of the procedure had evaded Jaav for a few

Droin: That completes the initial scans. Everything seems to be fine
Jaav, the symbiont has integrated itself with your physiology quite
nicely. How are you feeling? 

E'thexx: Like someone else.  

Xristha pushed the medical scanner into its compartment in the back of
her MedTricorder, then slipped the Tricorder into the pocket of her

Droin: This has been a very traumatic experience for you Jaav, without
being patronising, maybe you should consider speaking with one of the
other Psychologists onboard.  

Jaav neither wanted to acknowledge or refuse what she was saying, as a
Counselor himself, he sometimes became stubborn over accepting therapy
himself, and Xristha knew that. It didn't stop hi from volunteering a
little more information.  

E'thexx: I felt fine at first, a little 'different' perhaps, but not
like this.  

Droin: Go on... 

E'thexx: Initially I expereinced the usual sensations, nausea,
discomfort, but nothing felt wrong, since then I've started to see
things, have urges I couldn't identify, said things I would never have
said before...I've started remembering things, jumbled things that I've
never experienced in my own life.  

Droin produced her scanner again, this time holding it at the base of
Jaav's neck and moving it up over his head. She tapped at her tricorder
a few times before speaking.  

Droin: As far as I can tell, everything seems normal, but I've never
dealt with an artificial symbiont before, that changes all the rules.
It might explain why there has been a delay in the meshing of your mind
with its consciousness, I'm going to keep an eye on you, and restrict
you to light duties.  

E'thexx: But... 

Droin: Thats not a point for negotiation, you know full well as CMO
it's up to me. It's for the best. Can you tell me a little more about
these memories? 

Jaav hesitated, collected his thoughts, tried to make sense of what was
in his mind himself before relaying it to Droin.  

E'thexx: Well, I was always led to believe that once a hosts mind
integrated with a symbiont, the exchange was continuous and flowing.
But this doesn't feeli like it at all, the images and recollections are
disjointed, sudden, sometimes I have vivid access to them and other
times they are merely echoes in my own mind. They are out of sequence
and make very little sense.  

Xristha moved over to the main control panel for the central biobed.
She configured the apparatus for a more detailed scan.  

Droin: Jaav, I want you to lie back for me, and hold your breath, this
won't take long, I'm going to try a deep wave theta scan of you and the

Xristha initiaited the scan, a stream of translucent purple light
shimmered down from the sensor cluster above the biobed and moved back
and forth over Jaav E'thexx, then the beam terminated. Xristha stared
at the monitor in front of her, one hand on her chin, the other tucked
under her elbow supporting her arm while she contemplated the data from
the scan. 

Droin: As far as I can tell, it looks like the process that was used to
impregnate the atifical symbiont with memories from other hosts wasnt
entirely successful. There are masses of engrams here, more than a
single natural symbiont could ever retain. It appears that whoever
created this symbiont tried to instill it with the memories of hundreds
of past hosts, in short the symbiont became overloaded. 

Jaav sat up, placed one hand on his stomach and glanced down at it.  

Droin: I can give you something to block the link between you and the
symbiont if it would help.  

E'thexx: No...Thankyou, I think I should try and make sense of the
memories, the symbiont deserves that much from me.  

Droin: Ok, but if it gets to intense, or you find yourself struggling I
want you to contact me immediately.  

Xristha moved over to an equipment tray in the rear of the main
surgical area, she retireved a smal circular shaped device. She tapped
it and applied it to Jaav's neck.  

Droin: I want you to wear this at all times, it will monitor your brain
activity and alert me immediately if any disturbance occurs.  

Xristha patted Jaav on the shoulder. Jaav thanked Xristha in return,
turned round and departed sickbay, scratching at the monitor on his
neck as he left.  



Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while and left the Counselor's
progress dangling up in the air a little. Thought the round-up to our
last mision was fantastic. Looking forward to posting with everybody on
the next mission. Big welcome aboard to Mack, hope you enjoy simming
with us all!

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