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  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 21:39:40 +0200

Stardate: 100401
Scene: Vanguard

Highwaij had been working around the  communication systems he had checked
the communications systems
the range of the ships communications system was 22,65 Light Years,
according to Highwaij's PAD all the systems where working
he knew he could have given this job to on of the junior officers, he knew
he didn't like it, crawling around the jeffry's tupes, checking it,
but it was part of his job, and if he gave some one else it, he felt, he had
to done it himself sometimes.
He climbed out the jeffry's tube and headed towards the Ops Office on one of
the lower decks.

As he arrived on the office he sat down behind one of the stations, and
checked the communications systems
then he took a deep breath everything was working again normal.

Highwaij quickly made up a report and send it to the XO and the Chief Ops.
then he headed towars his room, in which he took a quick shower, put on a
clean uniform and headed towards the Event Horizon, he could use a drink
and some talk with his fellow crewmates and friends

Lt. Highwaij
Communications Officer
USS Vanguard

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