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Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: The Moon of Araki.
Time: Sometime after "Letter to She'Ra" (Cynan) and during all further posts.
Subject: Stained.

The air was sharp and the night was cold, filled with the steam that rose from 
the sewer vents along the streets. The streets themselves emerged in shadow and 
darkness - on this moon it was always night - a perfect place for the thieves 
and cut-throats that plagued it to pillage the innocent of their wealth (and 
Footsteps came from around a bar. A shadow flicked across the courtyard. Cynan 
Mandrake was standing there taking in the power of night. Looking around at the 
place that he had now come to call home, he listened to the screams that echoed 
through the alleys, before entering the bar, The Dagon.
Taking a seat he asked the bartender for his usual, a short of the strongest 
caliber - one that would burn the very lining off your stomach if it was 
consumed in too large a quantity. He gulped it down swiftly and waited for the 
arrival of one of the most notorious criminal gangs the quadrant had ever seen, 
the Pitt Contract.
He'd found out about them through various /traders/ that he'd been dealing with 
in the past few months and had heard that they were about to go on a job. 
Tonight he would seize his opportunity and earn more in a week then he had so 
far in his life.
15 minutes had gone by and the Pitt Contract, having took over an entire corner 
of the bar, were in deep discussion. They were talking about a major heist of a 
weapons shipment running between the Romulan Empire through the neural zone and 
to a pre-arranged rendezvous point - letting on that you'd heard anything about 
it, was a sure way to wind up dead. but this was his chance.
Mandrake: "Howdy."
Couger: "What the... your a dead man mister! You should mind your own busi.."
A quick blow to the thugs side and he was disarmed. Mandrake bent his arm 
behind his back in a half-nelson and held a knife up to his throat.
Mandrake: "If this is the kind of help that you employ Mr... 'Pitt', then your 
lucky to still be in business at all."
'Pitt': "Ha ha ha ha, Mr. Pitt doesn't bother /herself/ in these small matters, 
something that you would have been wise not to do either."
Mandrake: "Listen. I'm not here for a lesson."
'Pitt': "Then just why are you here, Mr...".
Mandrake: "Cynan. You can call me Cynan."
'Pitt': "Well then Mr. Cynan, now that your here, what can we do for you?"
The thug struggled to get lose, but failed miserably. Perhaps Mandrake should 
have held onto him for security reasons, but he figured that they wouldn't have 
really cared if they had to kill their comrade to kill him anyway, so he pushed 
the thug to one side.
Mandrake: "I'm looking for employment, and heard you pay very, very well."
'Pitt' laughed and the group followed suit. Mandrake looked around a little 
uneasy. The situation could have gone either way.
'Pitt': "Well you see Mr. Cynan. We've in the middle of a very important 
meeting right now and even though you might be just the sort I usually hire, I 
have no time for your shenanigans. Trent, Burt, take care of him."
'Pitt' waved a hand in the air, to which two of his accomplishes, Trent and 
Burt, leapt up from their seats and moved towards Cynan. They were two big 
fellows, with knifes in hand. They were eager to do their bosses bidding and 
further prove their loyalty to him. They grabbed Cynan by both arms and dragged 
him outside to a back alley.
*slash, stab, groan, click, thud*
*moments later*
Mandrake: "Now.."
Couger: "What the.."
Couger was 'Pitt's headman, and by this time was really taking a disliking to 
Mandrake. Not only had he embarrassed him once, but he was about to do it again.
As Cynan sat himself down he swung Brent's knife down into Couger's hand, 
pinning him to the table.
Mandrake: "...where was I?"
The Contracts group was all but ready to jump Mandrake and skin him alive there 
and then, but 'Pitt' intervened.
'Pitt': "WAIT. Perhaps there is a place for Mr. Cynan after all."
Mandrake gave 'Pitt' an acknowledging gesture and waited for his terms.
'Pitt': "If you want in Mr. Cynan I'm afraid you're going to have to prove your 
Mandrake: "Oh?"
'Pitt': "Oh indeed. You see that woman over there? The one carrying the apples? 
She was rather rude to me earlier when she declined my offer for a bit of 
Mandrake looked around, "I see her."
'Pitt': "Kill her."
Mandrake's head span back to 'Pitt' and looked him right in the eye. This was 
his first and major test to get into the gang, and 'Pitt' wasn't kidding. It 
was do or die.
Slowly he rose up and casually walked over to the young woman. He looked her up 
and down and admired her for the object that she was, almost sorry that he 
wouldn't get his way before he was to execute her.
She saw him coming and smiled. She'd often found it best that way, to offer any 
'gentleman' an apple and mind her own business the best she could. She didn't 
like to be here, but she had no choice. Her father was ill and she had to look 
after him and her younger sister, as her mother had been raped and murdered 
almost five years gone and selling apples was preferable then selling herself.
Mandrake: "Don't mine me my dear, this won't hurt at all... much."
Her mouth dropped open, and she looked him in the eyes as he reached up to her 
head. With his back facing the gang he twisted slightly, and with a violent 
crack, the basket of apples fell and plummeted to the ground along with her 
He turned back with a smirk across his face, and walked back to now standing 
'Pitt' & Co.
'Pitt': "Nicely done! Mr. Cynan. I'll see you here at the same time tomorrow 
night if you're still interested in our little organization."
Mandrake: "Tomorrow it is, Mr.. 'Pitt'."
'Pitt': "Call me, York. That is after all my name, Mr. Cynan."
Mandrake: "Till tomorrow then, Mr. York."
Mandrake nodded once again to Mr. York as a gesture of good will.
The gang having done their business for the night had decided to leave the bar 
early, before what police the moon had showed up to deal with the woman's 
corpse that now lay in the middle of the room.
Couger however, wanted one last word with Mandrake.
He hit Mandrake hard on his left shoulder, and gripped it tight.
Couger: "Embarrass me again boy, and next time I won't be so easy on yas."
Mandrake: "Touch me again boy, and next time it won't be your hand that I run 
The two locked eyes and attempted to star each other down. If it wasn't for Mr. 
York calling after his #1, the two would surely have been there all night.
[To be continued...]

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