[USS Vanguard] Sounds Like a Mystery to Me.

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  • Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 23:31:22 -0800 (PST)

Craig Kavan
Chief Petty Officer
USS Vanguard
Jazz sat down in the chair next to McCaw. She hadnt really had met this 
man before but what could she do. She didnt know if he talked much so 
she went right down to work. Her fingers danced over her console then 
she saw it, "Did someone beam on board?" she asked, "Its reported here 
than the transporters didnt pick up anything but someone came on board."

She looked over at McCaw who was staring at her she was not speaking in 
english. She smiled, "In enhlish Lt, we've got a contaminated 
unwelcomed huess on board the Vanguard!"
"Actually, your partially correct ma'am."  Craig was standing at a console a 
few feet away.  "One of the ship's personell was the person who came aboard 
contaminated.  But I don't think she's unwelcome."
"Unless she's carrying some type of parasite Chief."  Jazz responded.
Sam shook his head.  "Can't be a parasite.  Other than the virus she's infected 
with I mean."  Jazz and Craig both turned to look at him and Sam continued.  
"The Doc would have caught it."
Jazz turned back to her console and continued with the diagnostic she'd 
started.  "Well something has the transporter in an uproar.  A saboture seems 
the likely answer based on the problem we're seeing."
That's when it hit Craig and he almost kicked himself.  "I may have an answer."
Jazz and Sam both turned toward Craig as he stopped what he was doing and sat 
"During the Dominion War the ship I was on was stationed on the front lines for 
most of the conflict.  In the first couple of months, our ship caught a virus.  
More specifically, the primary computer core was completely infested.  The 
virus started small, we had a replicator problem at first, then it ballooned.  
Within a week we were completely dead in the water."
"How'd they fix it?"  Sam asked.
"Well sir, we didn't.  We had to get towed back to a starbase and they had to 
completely swap out our computer core.  Any data on it should be in the 
computer.  Our chief engineer turned over his notes."
"How does that relate to our present situation?  The war's over...  Unless 
we've got a computer core that was salvaged from a ship that was destroyed or 
decomissioned."  Jazz was really on a role now.  "If we got a recycled computer 
core, then it's possible it was infected and it just now came to life."
Sam's brow was furrowed in thought.  "If that IS the case, then someone had to 
activate it.  You may be right after all Jazz.  There might be an unauthorized 
person on board."
Craig added, "That's true.  But it might have been tripped by accident, or 
activated by a radio signal from outside the ship...  But a search from top to 
bottom may be a good idea anyway.  If you'll excuse me sir, I'll let the 
Captain know.  But first I'm going to stop by sickbay and see our infected 
Ensign.  She may be able to shed some light on our little problem."
Craig Kavan
Chief Petty Officer
USS Vanguard

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