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Lt.Commander Zena Quetan
New Vanguard 
Continuing from "Doppelgangers"
Zena held onto the flowers and looked back at her crew mates bemused as they 
all were led off into different directions.

The Trill male gently held her arm as he walked side by side with her "it is a 
privilege-honour to meet you" he said excitedly

Zena smiled "Why thank you and it is a pleasure to meet you too....and you 
would be?" she asked as she studied the young mans face, his eyes were a warm 
brown, so inviting and friendly, his hair was short and neat, also brown, he 
had a medium build and carried himself well.

"I am Locklen your great-grandson" he chirped merrily "Come we are almost 

Zena looked around she hadn't noticed where she had been walking at all, she 
was too intrigued with Locklen.

They approached a quaint little house, a meadow surrounded it just like the one 
they saw when they first arrived, Children played in the field chasing each 
other and rolling around on the grass, a few of them stopped and whispered as 
they saw Zena before waving at her with warm smiles. Zena waved back. 

It was a traditional building of sorts, the doorway was wooden and basic, 
technology seemed non existent here from the moment they arrived, it was a 
refreshing change from a starship.

Locklen led Zena inside, the house had a sweet scent to it, likely freshly 
baked apple pie and cinnamon. 

He took her through to one of the back rooms of the building, he opened a door 
and held his arm out to invite her to go inside "Please enter-go inside, 
Someone is waiting-wanting to meet you" 

Zena slowly entered the room, in the corner sat an ageing man, even for his age 
he was still quite handsome, his eyes seemed familiar, he stood and walked over 
to Zena with his arms open wide "Ah Zena please come-sit"

Zena sensed something in him..."You're Quetan..., I mean you are the host to 

"Ah you feel-sense it too" The old man said as he lowered himself back into his 
chair "Yes I do host Quetan, I am also your son... Alexander"

"Alexander? That's Jaav's fathers name" Zena said not quite realising she was 
thinking out loud

"Yes, Jaav is-was my father" Alexander replied

Zena smiled "Do we have anymore children?" 

"Yes a daughter, Maiya she lives across the complex, we do not speak-see each 
other often" His voice saddened

"Oh I see" Zena replied disheartened a little that her children were not close

"It is a long-timely story" Alexander replied

"Well can't I just get the edited version?" Zena asked

Alexander nodded, he wasn't going to deny a request from his mother "She was 
bitter-angry that I hosted Quetan and not her, but we have more 
serious-pressing business to attend to"

"Ok, go on.." Zena sat on the edge of her seat attentively

"Do not be fooled by the warm welcome-greetings here on New Vanguard, not 
everyone here is as happy-excited to see you as they seem-appear to be" 
Alexander said sternly

"Oh don't listen to him dear" a female voice sounded as the door opened 
"forgive me, these walls are thin I couldn't help but overhear-listen to your 
conversation" the woman was of a similar age to Alexander, she walked over to 
the table in the centre of the room and placed a tray holding what looked to be 
some sort of tea onto it, she carried a cup over to him and ruffled his hair 
"he's always been overly paranoid-cautious"

"Would you like a drink Zena?" She offered holding a cup out to her, Zena took 
it "Thank you"

"Zena this is my wife Daina" Alexander said taking Daina's hand

Zena smiled "It's a pleasure to meet you Daina"

"Is Jaav not with you?" Daina asked curiously "It would be a privilege-honour 
to meet him too"

"He's still on the ship but I'm sure he'll be here shortly, I'll let him know 
where to find you" Zena offered

"Well we've already taken up enough of your time" Alexander said, he did wish 
to talk to Zena more but Daina as much as he loved her, did not share his views 
and thought it wise to leave it for another time

"Ok, well it was nice to meet you both, I believe there is a banquet later? 
I'll see you there?" Zena asked

"We wouldn't miss it" Daina replied "Come, I'll see you out"

Zena left the house, the experience had been a little overwhelming and what 
Alexander had said to her before Daina entered the room played on her mind a 
little, but for now she was going to push it to the back of her mind.

She decided she would pay a visit to Maiya and on her way contact Jaav and 
update him on the situation...

OOC: I've left Daina as of unknown origin so if someone wants to claim her as a 
relative that's fine if not then she can belong to an NPC :-) also Jonathon I 
hope you don't mind me giving Jaav two children lol

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