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> Lt. Highwaij
> Location: USS Vanguard; Briefing Room.
> Time: After "Not Me Pal"

> [USS Vanguard; Briefing Room]
>   [Snip from "The Prisoners" (Andy)]
>     "The SS Conscript is a prisoner transport ship commanded by two and
>      crewed by 12. She is en route from Solarian where she has just
>      received three high-profile prisoners to be delivered for trial in
>      Auckland, on Earth.
>     "Our mission is to escort the ship safely to Earth and deliver the
>      prisoners into the hands of the appropriate authorities. As the
>      nearest Federation ship with an in-house JAG officer, our duty in
>      this matter is clear. Are there any questions?"
>   [/Snip]

Highwaij listened as Satons told them about the mission, he waited untill a
few more questions where asked
then he looked around "Excuse me Captain, but I like to know a few things
cause something is wrong according to me"

"Yes Lt." Santos replayed "What's wrong"

"Well sir, I know, we got a J.A.G. offcier onboard, but why the escort, only
is special cases this is done, I know these prisoners look
special, but I got a feeling starfleet is telling us all they know"
Highwaij explained

"And what do you sugest to do" Santos asked

"First I think we whould like to know what kind of ship the transport is and
their crew I whould like to see their crewlist,  further I suggest to place
a small
team from us onboard their ship" Highwaij said "Perhaps even as prisoners"

Lt. Highwaij
Chief Comminucations Offcier
USS Vanguard

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