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Event Horizon
After ?You Are Cordially Invited?

Santos? jaw nearly hit the floor as the doors to the
Event Horizon slid open.  Several Banquet tables were
laid out with a spread like none he?d ever seen. 
There were traditional dishes from just about every
culture represented on the Vanguard, to Old Earth
cuisine to Neo-Romulan fusion cooking.  Santos spied a
few of his favorites at just a glance.

The Lounge was decorated with colorful bouquets of
Betazed wildflowers, and the lights were dimmed to
enhance the atmosphere.  A few members of the kitchen
staff, in their dress whites, were bustling about in
the final stages of preparation.

In the center of the room, like the leader of a
three-ring circus, stood Desdemona.  She had traded
her plain coveralls for a sparkling thin-strapped
frock and done something--he couldn?t tell exactly
what--to her hair that made it look more vibrant. 
When she saw him, her eyes lit up.

?Ta-da!?  She spread her arms out like a showroom
model.  ?What do you think??

?I?m... speechless.? Santos blinked.

?Well,? She clasped her hands in that same manner as
she had when they?d first met, the consummate
storyteller, ?I couldn?t help but over-hear that you
were having trouble putting together your ceremony.?

Santos wondered exactly how and where she could?ve
possibly overheard this; it was his impression she was
remaining in her guest quarters for the duration, but
he decided not to interrupt.

?As it so happens, I know a thing or two about
entertaining, and I thought, as long as you were being
so gracious as to give me a ride, I may as well try to
earn my keep.?

She kept her tone light and merry, and her smile never
wavered, but Santos could see that she was carefully
gauging his reaction.

?How did you get all this food, and so quickly??  He

?Well, seven years is an awfully long time to be out
of the game,? she said, ?But I still know people who
know people... and what I couldn?t requisition, I
replicated.  Of course it wasn?t exactly easy...  I
had to give the computer recipes for almost
everything, but...? Her twinkling eyes surveyed the
room, ?I think it?s good enough for government work,

The kitchen staff had finished their preparations and
were standing by, waiting to serve the guests as they
arrived.  Flashing a resilient smile, Des picked up a
flute glass of champagne, and handed another to
Santos.  She raised her glass in a toast.

?To surprises; may your life be full of them,? she
said, and drained the cup.


OOC:  *phew*  

Everybody dig in, I?m sure Des has managed to cook up
something for everyone!

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