[USS Vanguard] So You Want to Dance?

  • From: Kent Kavan <tonykavan@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 01:48:52 -0700 (PDT)

Time:  Just before the first part of Ch-Ch-Changes
Location:  Holodeck One
Craig had been taken aback by Ceelak's kissing him.  Truth be told, it was the 
first time he'd had a woman kiss him since his wife.  Of course, after speaking 
with Ceelak, he came to the conclusion that it hadn't meant anything, she'd 
only observed other humans doing the same thing and she'd been curious.  
That was what he told himself anyway.
As for her asking him to dance, he'd thought for a few minutes and then he'd 
brought her to the holodeck where he'd been teaching her every dance he could 
think of for the last forty minutes.  They'd done the waltz, tango, and 
currently he was teaching her how to hula dance.  
He finally had to sit down and take a breather.  He was having a good time and 
Ceelak was a quick study.  She'd been especially adept at the tango, one of his 
Now he was sitting at a table with tiki torches burning all around and sipping 
a non-alcoholic pina colada watching Ceelak dancing with the computer generated 
hula girls on Waikiki beach.  She was most deffinately a good dancer and an 
attractive woman.  Craig felt strange around her though.  He wasn't sure if it 
was the fact that she was a dual gender species, the fact that she was half his 
age, or the fact that he couldn't tell if she was interested in him personally 
or merely as a study for her report back home.  
Presently Ceelak finished dancing and still bearing her brightest smile made 
her way to the table...
She plopped down beside him. "I love this hula," she said, "but the tango is 
more fun. I much prefer dancing with you."
Without asking, she took a sip of his pina colada. 
"I must confess," she said. "My people do kiss. Would I scare you away if I 
kissed you again?"
She didn't wait for an answer, just leaned closer and gave him a quick kiss. 
Then she sat back and grinned at him.
"I am sorry I cannot know your wife," she said. "I can tell you still have 
great love for her. I have not been fortunate to find such a mate on my 
homeworld. Perhaps here I can find ..."
She let her voice die out. Ceelak wasn't quite sure how to proceed. Some races 
were sensitive to how things were phrased and she didn't want to cause 
distress. She was interested in Craig as much more than a subject for her 
"There is a beach and water," she said. "We could go for a walk. I understand 
the moon is full."
As she said those words, the moon became full. The torches flickered. She 
sprang to her feet and shook her hips in a hula move. If we don't walk, I will 
just have to dance more and then I'll get hungry and you'll have to feed me 
again. Say you'll walk with me."
Craig was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.  He wrestled with his desire 
to get to know Ceelak in an increasingly more intimate way, and the memory of 
his wife.  He needed to think and was trying to come up with a tactful way to 
say just that when the Captain intervened...
=/\= "Captain Santos to Chief Kavan.  Please report to the ready room."
Craig gave Ceelak a sheepish look and she nodded in understanding.
=/\= "Aye sir, I'm on my way."
Location:  Ready Room
?Captain,? Chief Petty Officer Kavan greeted Capt. Santos.

?Chief,? Santos said. ?There will be an informal supper in the captain?s dining 
room tonight. Please make sure that the duty shifts of all senior officers are 

?Certainly, sir.?

?And I?d like you to attend.?

?It would be an honor.?

?That?s all, Mister Kavan.?

Craig nodded and left, still confused about what to say to Ceelak the next time 
he saw her.
Chief Petty Officer Craig Kavan
Lt Ceelak Nostrova

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