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  • From: "Angus Morrison" <sirquacksalot69@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 16:56:03 -0300

Hello to everyone (if anyone at all) that receives this. Hell, I don't even
know if I'm still able to post to these lists. Haha. Kind of a shot into the
dark unknown of the internet here, but I've been looking back into the
simming world after a couple of years of inactivity, and while there are
some active sims out there, mostly I haven't found any that were close to
the level of creativity and writing that the Menelaus and Vanguard had. Back
in 2005, the Vanguard and Menelaus died off, and from what I can see, so did
Gamma Fleet itself. I'm not too enamoured with how some of the fleets
application processes work, or how their organized, and I think we could
probably do better ourselves with starting up a small sim and perhaps in the
future expanding that to include a grouping of three or four, etc. until
perhaps we felt like forming a fleet ourselves. I know that many of us found
the timing to be an issue, but perhaps some of us might want to form up
again and take a look at how these things might work.

Again, I don't know who's still out there now, but if anyone feels like
having a chat about creating something, or even knows of a quality sim that
some of us are missing out on, let me know. 


Angus Morrison

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