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  • Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 16:36:37 +0000

<Centaurus IV - moments later>

Kieran stepped out of the shuttle and shuffled back along the path to where 
Sam and Qbed were stood, staring up at the trail of fire in the sky.

?You know, there isn?t a significant culture in this quadrant that hasn?t at 
some point seen firey trails in the sky as a portent of doom.? He said, 
quietly, against the backdrop of water trickling down to the rock face. 
?They may have had a point.? He added, as the sound of impact echoed out 
above the hills about them, marking the end of the pyramid?s descent.

Within a few moments they had taken a quick assessment of their supplies and 
equipment: the complete stock gave them equipment and material for several 
months, but survival wasn?t the only problem on their minds.

?OK, Lieutenant. What do we do? Orders were to keep Mrs Barret-Brown and 
Qbed safe? Prime Directive says we have to do something about that Borg 
pyramid. Whilst the battle continues the borg cube is still out of 
communications range, with the background radiation here and the thick Van 
Allen belts this planet has. Once they get close, though, they?ll come to 
retrieve any drones that are still functioning? and that means they?ll 
assimilate the planet whilst they?re here. We brought them here, it?s up to 
us to put a stop to it.?

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